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Proper way to euthanize and anesthetize a frog?

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    i need to do both, i'm thinking chloroform with a cotton ball in a sealed jar. if someone has done this already be specific about the procedure. I don't have any needles for injection and I need chemicals that I can buy over the counter. tia
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    Have you done a google search?

    To humanely dispatch a proliferating pest species of toads we are told to collect them in a plastic bag and pop them into the kitchen freezer overnight. Could that fit your plan?
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    i don't want the cells to explode or cause tissue damage also I don't want to use the pith method.

    yes I've done a google search.

    if I can't get chloroform how hard would it be to make it?

    edit: also I need something that doesn't effect the potassium ion channels as i intend to attach electrodes to the anesthetized frog.
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    Sorry if this is off the wall, I have no experience working with frogs or other animals like this. But how about putting the frog in an asphyxiating atmosphere? Nitrogen will knock a person out in just one or two breaths followed quickly by death by asphyxiation. I believe carbon dioxide is used in slaughterhouses.

    No idea how to anesthetize an animal though.
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    some of the frogs can't die because I need oxygenated muscles alive for a short while plus I don't want to buy a gas cylinder, tubing, check valve and an evacuation jar just for this or use dry ice. i would pay for some chloroform if it was available , yea looking at you borek :biggrin:
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    btw what tissue (small as you can reasonably get) clamping probes are available?
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    More results are revealed in a google search if you spell it "how to anesthetize a frog". Results include hypothermally in an ice bath, immersion in 5% ethyl alcohol (common beverages), application of certain muscle sprain creams, and eugenol (extract of clove oil). Quite a bit of reading involved, but it's pet owners looking for a method to anesthethize their ageing or seriously ill frog before euthanising it.
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