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Prospective Physics major; taking AP Physics B

  1. Aug 30, 2011 #1
    Hey PF, I'm in my senior year of high school and I'm taking AP Physics B this year as my school does not offer AP Physics C, and I'm wondering if I should supplement with extra studying as I plan on majoring in physics. I took calculus AB (equivalent of first semester calculus) last year and I'm taking BC this year (it covers first year differential and integral calculus of a single variable along with taylor/maclaurin series). AP Physics B is purely algebra and trigonometry based, and the book we are using is Serway/Faughn College Physics which is of course the algebra and trig version of the book. I wish I could have taken physics C as it uses calculus, but sadly that's not offered at my school. I will review the single variable calculus material at the end of the year (with something like Calculus by Spivak) and then I plan on starting multivariable calculus as a freshman in college if the college allows this. So, what should I supplement my physics B material with in order to learn more physics and get an upper hand in my first year of college? Work with a calculus based physics book like Halliday or Giancoli along with the Serway/Faughn? Thanks in advance!
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    If you understand calculus and understand kinematics when you do it physics B just self study the physics C material and take the C test along with the B. Most likely Physics B wont count towards your physics degree because it is not calculus based.
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