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Publishing on Physics Review Letters

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    I would like publish my paper on Physical Review Letters.

    Publishing is free of cost on PRL as long as I don't want it open access & give them an electronic copy (such as pdfTex, Word), right?
    Is this the same for most journals?

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    Re: Publishing on Physical Review Letters

    As I said in your other thread, most journals do not impose a publication charge for appropriately prepared manuscripts, provided that they are prepared in an acceptable format. Certainly this is the case for the journals in my field. However, PRL is an exception in that they impose a publication charge for all published letters. By providing your manuscript in an appropriate format, you can reduce your charge, but not negate it.

    You should be able to find this information on the journal's website. I would highly recommend doing some research before deciding to submit your manuscript. Your article is likely to be swiftly rejected from a journal unless it is of appropriate importance, interest and deals with a topic which falls under the purview of the journal.

    I would also mention that all the Phys. Rev. journals are fairly prestigious and getting ones article published in Phys. Rev. isn't a trivial matter. I would suggest speaking to your tutors and/or supervisor (if you have one), asking them to read your manuscript and for their advice regarding an appropriate journal.
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