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Pure Math Vs. Physics(not in terms of majors)

  1. Feb 27, 2009 #1
    I'm upset, I just had my first physics test and I got a B+/A-, depending on how the professor gives partial credit. This is horrible news, the material was really simple and I'm sure most of you would think the test was trivial even for physics I.

    I don't get why I can do so good in pure mathematics, had a test today that I completely destroyed yet Physics doesn't seem as intuitive to me, sure I've been doing math for more years and this is my first real formal physics class ever but I somehow think that skills in the one should transfer over the the other?

    I keep feeling like there is a better way of thinking about physics that I haven't quite developed, a way that will allow me to use my intuition like in math. Maybe it's because I am extremely clumsy in the real world and my reptilian physics engine isn't as developed as others or something. Can I over come this flaw, it even exist?

    I might be better at pure math but I'd much rather pursue studies in physics? Any comment you have is appreciated so don't be scared to reply! Thanks!!
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    Do what you want, not what you are good at (at the moment). Enjoyment is the greatest motivator in academic study. If you enjoy a subject you will find the extra effort to do well will not be such a chore.

    Edit: For a first test in something you've admitted that you are a relative newbie in, a B+ is a decent grade. I've no doubt you'll get better as the course progresses.
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    I think the skills required to do pure math and physics are just different skill sets. Although there is a lot of overlap just because you can do one doesn't necessarily mean that the other will come as easily to you. I'm actually the opposite of you. I'm pretty good at physics and applied math but I'm absolutely terrible at pure math. To me physics seems pretty intuitive but I have absolutely no intuition for pure math.
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