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Schools Purpose of university lectures when we have textbooks

  1. Dec 30, 2007 #1
    It is my first year in university, I was wondering about the aim of a Lectures, since all the information introduced in the lectures are found in the textbook required and in the additional reference textbooks ( one or two ). It may be a stupid question, what is the aim of the University Lectures (that a textbooks could not fulfill)?
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    for students who cannot read profitably a textbook, and these are legion, the lectures serve to explain it to them, and accept questions.

    for students who can understand the reading, the lectures give a chance to present more advanced or more modern material not in the textbook, and answer questions generated by the reading.

    for both groups, the lectures give students a chance to see and hear an actual practitioner of their future subject, and learn their modes of thought.

    it is often the case, but not always, that the lecturer is actually more expert than the textbook writer, and this is a plus. at the very least the lecturer is physically there to respond to your level of understanding and modify the presentation accordingly.

    your question suggests you do not understand the value of human contact with someone who is already doing what you hope to do for a living. i suggest you begin to think about all the benefits you might derive from this once you consider it.

    for starters you could have asked this question of your lecturer, diplomatically of course.
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