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PVC (PolyVynyl Chloride) testing ?

  1. Nov 5, 2011 #1
    Is there any way to test things to see if those things are made of PVC?
    It's toxic, but if you have things that you are unsure as to what kind of plastic they are made of you would want to know if they are made of PVC. By the way, if you have flip flop shoes, throw them out because almost 100% of flip flops are made of PVC. If you don't know how dangerous it is, google some info on PVC. They are doing a PVC phase out in Europe you know.
    Just really want to know what the best test kit for PVC is , or where to find any test kit at all, tried to google it, didn't find much???
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    The problem isn't PVC it's the plasticizers. PVC pipe is fine because it has no plasticizers. If it's soft PVC then it has plasticizers. That's what should be avoided.
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