What is Fortran95: Definition and 21 Discussions

Fortran (; formerly FORTRAN, derived from Formula Translation) is a general-purpose, compiled imperative programming language that is especially suited to numeric computation and scientific computing.
Originally developed by IBM in the 1950s for scientific and engineering applications, FORTRAN came to subsequently dominate scientific computing. It has been in use for over six decades in computationally intensive areas such as numerical weather prediction, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, geophysics, computational physics, crystallography and computational chemistry. It is a popular language for high-performance computing and is used for programs that benchmark and rank the world's fastest supercomputers.Fortran has had multiple versions, each adding extensions while largely retaining compatibility with prior versions. Successive versions have added support for structured programming
and processing of character-based data (FORTRAN 77), array programming, modular programming and generic programming (Fortran 90), high performance Fortran (Fortran 95), object-oriented programming (Fortran 2003), concurrent programming (Fortran 2008), and native parallel computing capabilities (Coarray Fortran 2008/2018).
Fortran's design was the basis for many other programming languages. Among the better-known is BASIC, which is based on FORTRAN II with a number of syntax cleanups, notably better logical structures, and other changes to work more easily in an interactive environment.As of June 2021, Fortran was ranked 17th in the TIOBE index, a measure of the popularity of programming languages, climbing 17 positions from its ranking of 34th in January 2020.

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  1. P

    Fortran Errors in Fortran code for solving Laplace's equation in 3D

    hey everyone. I wrote a code in Fortran to calculate potential values or solve the Laplace equation inside a cube according to the boundary conditions mentioned in the code. this is my code: program laplace_cubic implicit none REAL*8 :: LX, LY, LZ, DELTA, MAX_ERR, ERR INTEGER :: NX, NY...
  2. P

    Fortran Program to plot multiple datasets on a single graph in Fortran95

    PROGRAM Test IMPLICIT NONE REAL, PARAMETER :: Omega_m0 = 0.27, Omega_rel0 = 8.24E-5, Omega_L0 = 0.73, Omega_0 = 1.02 REAL :: z_max, z, dz REAL :: I, g_z, g_zplus, S REAL :: d_p0, d_L, d_A, d_nr, d_r INTEGER :: n = 100000 OPEN(UNIT = 10) z_max = 0 DO WHILE (z_max <= 4.001) dz = z_max/n...
  3. Ottodomus

    Fortran Need to do a multitask program in Fortran 95

    Hi everyone, I am new programming in Fortran and Inhave done about three or four programs that solves different problems in trigonometry, one is the basic one it gives you hypotenuse upon two sides, the other finds the theta angle by giving hypotenuse and opposite side, other find hypotenuse by...
  4. NicolasPan

    Comp Sci How to break a number into separate digits in Fortran

    Mod note: Fixed indents in code below !this program accepts a 5 digit integer !and calculates the harmonic and geometric means of it's digits !the program checks and denies numbers with length diffrent than 5 digits !The harmonic mean should be calculated only when !all of the number's digits...
  5. avikarto

    Fortran [Fortran] Function implicit type error

    I am having an issue with the declared type of the return value of a function not being recognized in its call. This function clearly has its return value declared as complex*16: !----------4-vector dot product under Minkowski metric---------- function dot4(v1,v2) result(res) implicit none...
  6. avikarto

    Fortran [Fortran] Integer overflow for a real number?

    I am trying to define a real number as follows: real*8 r r=2.5*10**20 This results in the following warning: r=2.5*10**20 1 Warning(131): Integer overflow at 1 First off, I am not even declaring it as an integer, yet the warning is named as such. After searching around for...
  7. L

    Fortran Fortran Complex Exponential

    Hi, so I need to write a fortran code with 2, 2x2 matrices. These matrices are in the form of B=(1 exp(i)(theta) 0 0) and D=(0 0 exp(i)(theta) 1) where i is sqrt of -1 and theta is an angle between 0 and 2pi. I've expanded the exponential so it reads cos(theta)+isin(theta) and let theta=pi/2...
  8. L

    Fortran Using Integer Expressions in an If Statement: Help Needed!

    Hi, so I'm trying to use the following if statement: if (sum(i,j) <=1.0 ) then sidash=(si)*(Death) else if (1 <= sum(i,j) <= 2) then sidash=(si)*((sqrt(2.0)+1.0)*(2.0-sum(i,j))*(Death)+(sum(i,j)-1.0)*(Survive)) else if (sum(i,j)<=3 .and. sum(i,j)=>2) then...
  9. J

    Fortran Problem with initial state in FORTRAN

    I have created an initial state code with perodic boundary conditions and normal distribution of velocities. I not know where is the problem, when I compile the computer detect the 112 error. Could anyone help me please? Thanks! the code is...
  10. L

    Fortran Can Fortran be used to create a video of changing arrays?

    Hi, using Fortran that writes a large amount of arrays to a text/dat file. Is there some kind of software where I can create a video of these arrays changing from beginning to end? I've tried using VMD, but cannot get dat/text files working on it. Any input will be appreciated.
  11. L

    Fortran Fortran 90/95: Array Help with IF Statement

    Hi, For fortran 90/95, I've written a 10x10 array of numbers. 2 do loops (n,m) from 1 to 10 indicate the subscript of the elements in this array. I've applied a generic rule to the array elements where they become 0 if they are above a certain number. Using an if statement to change the...
  12. L

    Fortran [Fortran] Rounding up Random Numbers

    Hi, So I'm writing a programme in Fortran95 atm and I want to produce an array of 1s and 0s. I've used a random number and random seed generator to produce 10 numbers between 0 and 1 and I want to use a NINT statement to round these random numbers to 0 or 1. However when I try this the...
  13. ognik

    Help with Adams-Bashforth program

    Hi - trying to write a Fortran95 program to solve a trivial 1st order DE (dy/dx=-xy), the idea being that once it works it can be used for different forms of f(x,y). I use Euler to get the starting point, then A-B's 2 step formula for the next 2 starting points. It is when I apply the A-B...
  14. S

    Fortran Error 112 FORTRAN95

    Hi, I'm new in this space, I have a problem building a program with Fortran95 (I'm also new on this). The program it's really easy, I have to make a random generator using RANMAR subroutine here is the code: program random use aleatorio; use SAVEDATA Implicit none real, allocatable ...
  15. G

    Fortran Assignments of Elements between differently ranked arrays (fortran95)

    Hello everybody/reader, Thank you for reading my post, i have been known to be long winded but i put a abridged version of my question and sectional labels so it can be skimmed easily for relevant information. note: I Wrote a very explanatory post, which had sections and was written...
  16. D

    Fortran FORTRAN95 Program for Iteration and Function Addition in PLATO IDE

    program iteration real :: p IMPLICIT NONE call add(5) p=add(5) end iteration real function add(a) real :: a a+2 end function add It not working... Why?? I use PLATO IDE ( FORTRAN 95 ) I greet.
  17. C

    Fortran Having some issues with a piece of fortran95 code

    Hello, I am pretty new to programming at all and am having some issues with working out why this program is not compiling: Program MAIN DO J = 1, 11 K = 10 + J P = 0.4 !POSITION OF MAXIMUM CAMBER AT 40% CHORD! M = FLOAT (J + 1)* 0.01...
  18. A

    Fortran Need Help with Writing Fortran95 Procedure

    Fortran95 HELP! Hi everyone, I have problem with writing a procedure in Fortran. I'm a newbie so any help will be appreciated. So the problem is as follow: I have written a program which reads some data from input file and then calculates some stuff using read values. Now what i have to do...
  19. J

    Fortran FORTRAN95 dealing with space delimited data files

    I'm doing project Euler ID11 (http://projecteuler.net/index.php?section=problems&id=11), and I thought I'd try this one in FORTRAN 95. The first problem in the project is finding a suitable way of reading in a 20x20 matrix of integers. I'm doing it by put the 20x20 matrix into a separate file...
  20. U

    Fortran Q? about Silverfrost (Salford) Fortran95 freeware compiler.

    Hi. Recently I wanted to take a look at Fortran so downloaded the Silverfrost (formerly known as Salford) Fortran95 compiler. See: http://www.silverfrost.com/11/ftn95/overview.asp BTW. It's freeware for evaluation purposes but if used for profit or research you have to buy a licence. It's...
  21. E

    Fortran Fortran95 datafile extraction help

    Hello, I'm pretty new to fortran95 and I've run into a stuck point extracting data from a file, here's what's up: I have a file test.dat that has 2 columns and variable number of rows (different experiments will yield different amounts of points). I want to put the data into a matrix of...