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Qualitative chemistry and precipitate colour

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    Can anyone give me an example of a red or yellow precipitate that can be made out of any of the following: Cobalt chloride, calcium hydroxide, iron, sodium carbonate, iron sulphate or copper sulphate. Or any chemical that can be made out of these e.g. sodium hydroxide, copper hydroxide, etc? Sounds a bit random, I know, but just out of interest, I would like to know (also, I would like to use the rest of these chemicals:smile:).
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    This is much more fun if you do it yourself! Do you have access to a CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics? Any edition will do....
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    He has access to Wikipedia though. Just search the different possible combinations.
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    iron oxide is red, sulfur is yellow, how to get them is your venture.
    start mixing things, apply electricity if needed, heat, cold, whatever it takes. Thats how chemists become chemists. themoreyou do the more you learn
    electricity is very useful tool, it can force reactions against their natural bias or speed them up considerably
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