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Homework Help: Qualities of an international language?

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    what would be the qualities of an international language?

    this is part of my essay on languages; i need some ideas...

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    You know the rules about coursework What ideas do you have?
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    what i came up with are universality and neutrality in culture. The language should not be biased towards a particular culture.
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    English ... Spoken ... Slowly ... And ... Loudly.

    Edit: This is way cool. I shouted, and some filter toned it down.

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    Math works in any language.
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    Try to elaborate on universality. What is significant about an international language? What is the purpose of language? What kind of interactions occur between nations/cultures?
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    i think i'm choosing another topic for the essay: 'How global warming will affect Mauritius?'

    the language essay is far beyond me. thanks anyway... :)
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    What do you mean by "qualities", and "international"? You could as well ask, "what are the qualities of French, English, and Spanish?" Those are some of the most international of languages. The qualities making them international may arguably not be within the languages, but instead be within the cultures which made the languages become international.
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    the essay question was more towards a language which would be really international. a language which would be the second official language of all countries(except england, US,...).

    just like they developed the esperanto years back. it was meant to be a universal language whereby everyone one would learn it, and then be able to communicate.

    english language is not yet a global language because there are still some countries which do not include it as an official language. (i think china is an example)
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