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Quantum consciousness is ruining my life!

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    Alot of people are trying to prove its real. Im a noob at quantum physics but Ive been reading up alot about it.I took physics in high school and did really well but this quantum consciousness idea is driving me crazy.
    Can someone tell me exactly why quantum consciousness isnt true?

    Thank You, it would help me alot im already clinically schizophrenic and this reality altering reinterpretation of the world is actually destroying my life. Please help me!
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    http://www.colorado.edu/philosophy/vstenger/Quantum/QuantumConsciousness.pdf [Broken]

    this should put your mind at ease the mind does not control the universe, Yes the minds brain activity can be measured at close distances and that effect can be used to good effect such as controlling amputated parts replacments. But the holistic view of quantum conciousness is a myth in the sense that everything is interconnected and that the universe shapes itself according to our thoughts. The above paper should clear that up for you.

    Simply put some ppl cannot relate to how unimportant Humanity is in our place in the cosmos. We are less significant as a grain of sand.

    The correct way to think of the field of quantum consciousness is the study of experience, thought and how our mind relates to the universe, not how the universe reates to our mind. This in a way applies to quantum mechanics in that how we interpret things has to be considered with how we percieve, when we see an image of an effect this image can be described as virtual once it reaches our eyes, form there it is interpreted by our brain etc. Changng our interpretation however does nothing to change the reality of what it was that we saw however, merely changes our viewpoint.
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    But what about the double slit experiment? Why are there so many people saying its not the measuring device that causes the collapse but instead conscious observation or conscious recording/registration of the data?
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    I can promise you 100% that consciousness does NOT affect reality _AT ALL_
    It is a myth that noone takes seriously, it arose due to the positivistic philosophy a few physicists held in the late 1800 / early 1900s.

    The only reason this myth is kept alive is because of the money people who make retarded movies like The Secret / What The BLEEP Do We Know ? etc.
    They make money off telling people "hey you can change reality with your mind" and similar ********, which is just that... ********.

    It has also been kept alive by bad journalism in PopSci magazines.

    Just forget all about it and don't dig deeper into philosophy, I can imagine that with severe mental illness quantum mechanics can indeed drive you mad.
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    Thank you so much! You have no idea what this means to me, that there are good people out there who care about the truth,
    seriously keep the posts coming.
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    You seem like a bright young man who just happens to be inflicted by one of the worst mental illnesses one can have...
    I would suggest to you to leave quantum physics alone simply because there are a bunch (atleast 50) different interpretations that range from all types of speculative bullsh*t...
    I wont mention them because I know this could plant a seed in your mind and you would drive yourself mad trying to disprove every weird reading of QM there is.

    So if you have schizophrenia I am sure it's pretty easy to get obsessed with which ever of these scare you the most.

    We know for a fact that consciousness does not affect reality, reality is objective and independent of your thoughts/emotions so just keep living your life.

    You seem bright so if you want to use your intellect on something you should find some other science that does not have so much weird metaphysics and pseudoscience attached to it which your mental illness can "exploit" to make your life a living hell.

    Take this post as all the evidence you need, because if you keep asking for more and more "debunking" this just fuels your obsessive thoughts. ( I studied phychology for awhile )
    A obsessive thought will only die out when you stop fearing it and stop trying to disprove it.

    I can assure you that we do not affect reality with our minds at all, if that were the case Earth would have been flat when 100% of the Earths population believed that 2000 years ago :P

    We _KNOW_ this, consciousness is a product of your physical brain, nothing more, there is no magic involvedd here and "it" can not affect the external reality.

    You are at a cross road really, either leave this alone or keep digging your self deeper into this mess and risk never coming out of it again (yeah it is that serious if you are really schizophrenic).
    Live life man, find a passion that you can use your intellect on!
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    With regards to the prior post by Fyzix,

    True science, true physics is all about how we interpret the universe, Terms used in physics and quantum mechanics are merely models of that interpretation.

    By MODEL I mean just that. We could just as easily state the universe is nothing more than leggo blocks put together, this does not mean that it is merely that we can explain it as such. (a very abstract example).
    The term virtual particle is one example it is fundamentally a mathematical model, all math all physics is a mathematical model, simply put a means to explain percieved cause, effects, viewpoints (in some cases), They are all merely DESCRIPTIONS.

    If all life in the Universe were to just vanish the universe will still continue to function just as it always had without even noticing.
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    Thankyou guys.
    I suppose the thing is Im not afraid the floor will fall through because there is no evidence to prove it and noone is TRYING to prove it. So it dosent bother me. But it feels like there are SO MANY people trying to prove this quantum madness and some of them are kind of convincing. I know I can overcome this I have learned alot about mental illnes in general esescially schizophrenia and can safley say that nine out of ten times it comes down to beleif systems or what you BELEIVE. If say I beleived in God and religion (which I dont) I would be terrified of going to hell for numerous reasons, I know I would obsess about it, thats part of my mental illness, but if I dont BELIVE in God in religion beyond a reasonable doubt then it dosent even remotly bother me.

    When I was just hitting puberty many years ago I was terrified I was gay, not because I was gay but because I COULD be gay. It tortured me for an entire year of my life but it didnt end there I thought about beastiality, petafiliea, mutilated bodies and the thoughts horrified me not because the thoughts were inherently disturbing themselves but because they might have symbolized something awful about my emerging identity as a young adult. It was only until a thought like in "inception" a simple thought changed my life and saved it from that torture. I was actually free and happy for seven years, until recently of course.

    The thought was that I could think whatever I wanted to, whatever the most disgusting thing that passed through my subcounciess was and you know what it wouldnt define me as a person, it was my actions that defined me. I was free to think whatever I wanted and the interesting paradox is when I allowed my self to think whatever I wanted I stopped thinking about the things I didnt want to. And that worked for seven years till now.

    Six months ago I stumbled across quantum physics and to my horror and shock not only were all these people telling me that I cant think whatever I want, but they tell me that my thoughts somehow slowley become REAL?! and that SCIENCE PROVES IT!? This literalley drove me crazier than before. I mean I attempted scuicide because of it, I was hit by a car and hospitilized but when I explained what conseptuely bothered me everybody just wrote me off like they couldent even remotley relate to what I was trying to explain.

    Then I thought maybe I should check my premisis, what I had convinced myself to beleive. Then I realized I was lied to, somone told me hell exists and I beleived them and hell is called quantum consciousness.

    PS: Its like science with an agenda, the same people who want to prove that being gay is a genetic trait ignore the fact that natural selection would have weed that out billions of years ago. I dont have anything against gay people but oversymplifying human sexuality like oversymplifying quantum physics is giving people the wrong message. We have sex with anything that moves men, women, pies, pillows, sex dolls, animals thats the way man was made, but we ALWAYS have a choice on what we ACT upon.
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    What you are describing sounds more like Pure O (a form of OCD without physical compulsions, only thoughts).
    The most common ones are fearing that you are gay, a pedophile, a serial killer, will go insane etc.

    Have you ever had true delusions/hallucinations as is common in schizophrenia?

    Like I said the only way to overcome Pure O thoughts is to "let them go", which can be hard because of the added anxiety, everybody experiences these thoughts more or less somewhat throughout their lives, but you seem to have clinical Pure O.

    Anyway I can promise you that very,very,very few even think of it as a remote possibility that consciousness is in any shape way or form involved in anything about "reality" and those few are wrong and retarded.

    Consciousness is just neurons firing, nothing else. It does NEVER EVER EVER affect anything around you.
    So you can think the most bizarre things all you want 24/7 and it will NEVER EVER manifest itself.

    Even if you sat at a bus stop and thought "hey I wonder what would happen if that car crashed into that bus" and that infact happened, it is obviously just a coincidence, but if you hold that Pure O thought in your head you would take that as evidence "OH **** I CAUSED THAT!"

    Something like 1/15 people have OCD so it is a very common and treatable disorder, the fact that you have Pure O and not the more "easy to spot" OCD often makes psychologists misdiagnose you though.

    I had a friend who had Pure O bad and thought he was a pedophile all of a sudden, it took him 2 years to get professional help, so don't do that...
    I remember him reading books about pedophilia etc. which is classic behaviour of someone with Pure O, you try to gather all the information in the world about the thought you have to "disprove it", but in reality all this does is feed the obession and give it more power and information it can throw back at you.

    So the more you read about "quantum consciousness" the more it will SEEM real to you and if you indeed have schizophrenia you might even go into a fullblown psychosis where you will experience it as if it were real.
    This can indeed ruin your entire life and like you said you already tried to commit suicide...

    Just promise me that you will not read another passage about this subject because it will kill you.
    You will not come across a sentence or tidbit of information that will make you suddenly realize "oh it was all ********", you have to let it go and then when your brain is back to normal you can laugh at it and see how it was wrong, but not until then...
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    With what you stated in the prior post I cannot stress enough that all language all mathematics, all sciences are merely descriptions/models PLEASE keep that foremost in your perceptions. Reality does not care how we percieve or describe it. Religion for example has its practical uses in that it explains how society wants you to behave in the whole good/evil thing. The terms good and evil are also merely descriptive terms they provide a means of interpreting and explaining to others how the common populace defines behavior nothing more than that. I won't get into afterlife philosophy as this is not the place for that subject. As far as religion is concerned what I mentioned is about as far as I will discuss here.
    Humanity has a desire to explain the universe and everything in it, Unfortunately the only way to decribe that is through lanquage, mathematics and visual models. These are necessary tools in order to teach others what we have learned NOTHING MORE.
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    The OP has several different threads here, and neither are really about QM. The distinction between QM and woo woo has been made, and it's time to close these threads. If there is a question about actual quantum mechanics, it can be brought up here as a new thread.
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