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Quantum Entanglement Information.

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    So let me get this straight once and for all (can that even be possible in physics? lol). In quantum entanglement, does information actually get transferred? Most of the things I've read says something along the line that it cannot be deciphered.

    The information is sent, except there is no code to break it? If this is true, doesn't that defy the theory that information cannot travel faster than the speed of light?
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    no, not in the usual sense.....no information we can utilize.....

    The mainstream view quantum entanglement remains essentially a mystery without explanation or understanding. The math explains what we observe, not precisely why.

    Suppose you have a red and a green ball, tell me the two colors, wrap them in a bag, and give me one. Then we travel a great distance apart, or not,..and I unwrap one....presto, like magic, I know the color you hold. If you did not tell me the two colors, I could not tell what color you hold.

    try this discussion for viewpoints and better explanation:

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    If the two measurements of the two entangled particles are separated by a space-like interval, different observers may disagree about which measurement happened first. It is very difficult to reconcile this fact with any notion of "information transfer" - we can't even determine which direction the hypothetical flow of information goes.
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