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Quantum gravitational uncertainty

  1. Jul 13, 2006 #1
    If we calculate uncertainty of distance dl, where we have very small black hole, we get that it cannot be smaller than l planckian. Calculation exists and it is not difficult.

    But if we calculate this in weak gravitational field, this means gravitational field of one elementary particle, how we can obtain that this field cannot be sensed??

    From this also follows that dl > l l planckian.
    But if it cannot be sensed, only field of Plancian black hole can be sensed.

    Or the same question on a different way:
    Can be measured gravitational field of alone proton? Where gravitational field si supposed to be classical.
    If change of momentum due to gravitational field is always smaller than quantum uncertainty of momentum, this gravitational field cannon be measured or sensed.
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