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B Quantum Gravity Technology Spinoffs?

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    When we finally solved for quantum gravity. Would it only give us a solution to understanding the interaction in planck scale quantum and spacetime or would it also give us new technology?
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    I don't know whether theoretical quantum gravity will give us a new technology, but we shall certainly need new technology to find experimental evidence for quantum gravity.
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    In the thread "Comeback City" asked "Could you explain what you mean by "low energy approximation"?"

    And Peterdonis answered: "It means roughly that, if the average energy per particle is low enough, the physics that is present in the underlying theory (quantum gravity in this case) happens too rarely to observe, and the effective physics is limited to that in the approximate theory (GR in this case)."

    Can anyone give an example of what "physics" of quantum gravity can bleed thru to be observed at lower energy? I thought it only occur at highest energy in the planck scale.. what can bleed thru to low energy? What signatures for example have physicists expecting or are looking?

    (And it's possible technology spinoff doesn't have to be planck scale technology.. but one that is the lower energy correlate of quantum gravity...).
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