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Quantum mechanics and quantum field theory application ideas?

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    First of all sorry for my off-topic question here. I'm a computer science student, who has a high interest in mathematics (especially algebraic geometry), and physics (especially quantum mechanics, quantum field theory). For this semester I'm supposed to create to applications, from which one of them will be a multi-platform computer application, and another one will be an Android based mobile application. I'm free to choose any idea for my applications. But due to my high interest in the above mentioned physics areas, I would like to create something related to them. Therefore, I need you help and idea. If you could give me some ideas, about what can I create, I mean what can be useful for general audience and physicists as well regarding quantum mechanics and quantum field theory I would be glad. I may also need some of yours help regarding the theory behind my application and coding.
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    Application of quantum theory? Couldn't you just hold up your smartphone and then say "The End!"?

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    Make an application that displays a surface of water. When user taps the screen, generate a wave that flows outward (and bounces from the borders, for instance).

    Express the water surface disturbance as a scalar field. Now instead of solving everything numerically, make an array of discrete wave mods and use analytic equations to solve the wave at a given time. Then render it on the screen. Make also a scrollbar to wind time forward and backward. Show how you can make time move faster and slower (and backwards). This is quite impossible to achieve this using numerical approximation, so the audience will be impressed if they know that.

    If you feel advanced enough, then introduce interactions. Waves, instead of simply interfering, should alter their movement. You have to pick up some interaction term so it's easy enough to implement and gives nice visual effects. If you are good enough, then compute the wave propagation over another wave, then find a Hamiltonian that describes it.

    If it is still too easy for you, then introduce water flows. Suppose that the water is flowing and it can disturb the waves' trajectory. Express the flow as a vector field. Make it static :).

    Going completely hardcore, introduce transverse waves. This would be equivalent to impulses of water flow here and there. You will then have scalar and vector particles interacting.

    In the final version, make it so that the surface has curvature. Say, do it on a sphere. Your app will be compatible with the future flexible pads :).
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    An application for fast drawing/computation of Feynmann diagrams to make reasonably advanced (1-2 loop level) computations available to a wide audience? Select an internal line/vertex and the corresponding part of the algebraic expression is picked out? Then for a sensible range of loop numbers the calculation can be carried out explicitly with appropriate regulators and a final result displayed?
    Or if just for one to two loops, make it something that computes tree level amplitudes and uses those to algebraically compute differential cross section / width of the particle for external momenta, and use these to generate graphs of angular distribution / decay times / something visual?
    Just some ideas, hope it's helpful :)
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