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Quantum mechanics at a biological macro level

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    i have been pondering the idea of quantum mechanics on a macro biological level.

    i propose that all life is a viable version of one entity. lets localize the idea to our species.

    we are all aware that our gene pool is said to be quite small, but i think this goes deeper than genetics and biology. i feel that the model is of a quantum nature.
    when we look at the world/universe i think we are looking at the various probabilities of a single origin. and that we are witnessing quantum processes in realtime.

    i am you,and you are me and we are everyone. life is one entity trying infinite ways to better itself. we are a complete network, a single organism.

    as individuals our knowledge is limited, but together it is infinite.

    this is why we are so intrinsically link, life is a super computer driven by a quantum core.

    please give me views.
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    None of what you said here has any indication that these are "quantum mechanics". Do you even know what "quantum mechanics" is?

    Furthermore, before proceeding any further, you may want to re-read the PF Rules that you've agreed to. Pay particular attention to our policy on speculative posts.

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    hi zapperz,

    thanks for your reply, i read the the rules and take your point.

    On the point of my knowledge of quantum mechanics, a subject which i have been reading for fifteen years and in the words of Richard Feynman "I think i can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.

    My post related to QM's assumptions that all possibilities are probable. to me there seems to be a fractal nature to the systems and mechanics of the universe.
    Because we quantify things in a particular way using i.e miles, kilos, inches and any measuring quantity you care to think of, i do not believe we can assume these were the systems in place at the beginning. so we use these systems/tools to follow and map, not to confirm the workings of the system or the reasons for its existence.

    Einstein,darwin,bohr and newton all thought outside the box when it was required

    so again i thank you for reply


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    Your latest post reinforces my earlier point that none of what you have said has any direct connection with QM. This is a rambling at best.

    This thread is done.

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