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Quark axial-vector current in nucleion

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    In almost all direct detection articles (see for example Jungman, G., Kamionkowski, M. & Griest, K., 1996. Supersymmetric dark matter) I found the following parametrization for the matrix element of the quark axial-vector coupling:
    \langle n|\bar q\gamma_\mu\gamma_5q|n\rangle=2s_\mu^{(n)}\Delta q^{(n)}
    where ##\Delta q## is the fraction of the nucleon spin carried by quark ##q## and ##s_\mu^{(n)}## is the spin of the nucleon ##n##. Even if this make sense i would like to have a reference where find a derivation or a justification of this fact.
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    There's a useful discussion in Jaffe and Manohar, particularly section VI. A scanned pdf file from KEK is available at the link.
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    Thank you, I'll check it out!
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