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Question about Berkeley Undergrad Physics Course

  1. Aug 4, 2015 #1
    Hi there everyone! This is my first post on the forum and maybe it will be somewhat significant now that I feel like I am finally beginning my career studying physics. So I will be attending UC Berkeley this fall as an incoming freshman and I am debating on taking 7A vs H7A my first semester. I plan on taking H7B and H7C my second semester of freshman year and first semester of sophomore year respectively, it is just that I feel like it would be more appropriate to take 7A to get acclimated to college-life and not over-stress myself right away. Will taking regular physics my first semester put me at a disadvantage later on in terms of understanding or graduate school applications? Thank you!
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    Not in the slightest, lower division courses are weighted a lot lower. You're going to Berkeley, you're going to get a top notch education regardless.
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    Also, many, many people experience a culture shock when they first start undergrad. Taking 7A instead of H7A will put a little less pressure on yourself like you said (get acclimated to college life). That is what I would do. Actually that is what I did, I took only three courses my first quarter of undergrad (and did fine).
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    I highly recommend not taking an honors course your first semester. It looks much better on applications to see that you moved up into an honors course as opposed to move down because you couldn't handle the work.
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