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The title Baron Berkeley originated as a feudal title and was subsequently created twice in the Peerage of England by writ. It was first granted by writ to Thomas de Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley (1245–1321), 6th feudal Baron Berkeley, in 1295, but the title of that creation became extinct at the death of his great-great-grandson, the fifth Baron by writ, when no male heirs to the barony by writ remained, although the feudal barony continued. The next creation by writ was in 1421, for the last baron's nephew and heir James Berkeley. His son and successor William was created Viscount Berkeley in 1481, Earl of Nottingham in 1483, and Marquess of Berkeley in 1488. He had no surviving male issue, so the Marquessate and his other non-inherited titles became extinct on his death in 1491, whilst the barony passed de jure to his younger brother Maurice. However William had disinherited Maurice because he considered him to have brought shame on the noble House of Berkeley by marrying beneath his status to Isabel, daughter of Philip Mead of Wraxhall, an Alderman and Mayor of Bristol. Instead he bequeathed the castle, lands and lordships comprising the Barony of Berkeley to King Henry VII and his heirs male, failing which to descend to William's own rightful heirs. Thus on the death of King Edward VI in 1553, Henry VII's unmarried grandson, the Berkeley inheritance returned to the family. Therefore, Maurice and his descendants from 1492 to 1553 were de jure barons only, until the return of the title to the senior heir Henry (and indirectly to his mother Anne), becoming de facto 7th Baron in 1553. Upon his death he was succeeded by his relative George Harding.
His son, the ninth Baron, was created Earl of Berkeley and Viscount Dursley, which remained united to the barony until the death of the sixth Earl in 1882, when the earldom passed to a male heir and the barony passed to a female one, Louisa Milman. At Louisa's death, the barony went to Eva Mary Foley, upon whose death the barony fell into abeyance. The abeyance was terminated a few years later in favour of Mary Lalle Foley-Berkeley. Upon her death, the barony went to her nephew Anthony Gueterbock, who is the present holder. In 2000, he was created Baron Gueterbock for life in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. The epithets of each baron were coined by John Smith of Nibley (d.1641), steward of the Berkeley estates, the biographer of the family and author of "Lives of the Berkeleys".

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  1. peace

    I Berkeley Physics Course- vol 3

    hi friends. Is there a solution manual for the third volume of Berkeley Physics Course (Waves by Frank S Crawford ) ? This book is one of the main references introduced by our professor. I really need it. Please tell me how I can find the answers. thanks so much.
  2. llha

    Choosing between unis—UC Berkeley, Cornell

    Hello there! I recently had the privilege of being accepted to UC Berkeley and Cornell for my undergrad! I'm very grateful to both universities for this opportunity. I'm just generally wondering what factors for grad school admission I should be considering when choosing between unis, like...
  3. drawded

    Programs How should I prepare for Berkeley's Math 1A & Physics 8A?

    I just finished my sophomore year of high school and I'm taking Math 1A and physics 8A this summer. I got A's for both my physics II (school doesn't offer AP phys) and advanced algebra 2 + trig (I think it's equivalent to precalc, highest level offered in my grade) classes, but I feel like the...
  4. G

    Schools Choosing between UC Berkeley and Caltech - Math

    I am a 12th grader and I got an email from UC Berkeley today that I have been accepted there. A month ago, I was also accepted at Caltech. I'm still waiting to hear from MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Stanford. I want to study Mathematics, but I also interested in theoretical physics a lot, so I...
  5. F

    Physics Working at Livermore or Berkeley Lab - Salary and Lifestyle?

    Hey Physics Forums, I have what might be a dumb question but I think it's one that a lot of professional physicists can answer. I also think it's one that a lot of people like me might be curious to know the answer. Context for me is I'm a graduate student trying to understand my future...
  6. randomguy2335

    Schools UCB vs UCSD: Grad School & High Energy Physics

    Im debating between Berkeley and UCSD and I am not sure what to do, I plan to go to grad school, and I am worried that it might be difficult to get a lot of research done at UCB whereas I've heard its easier to get into research at UCSD. Furthermore I'd start a semester late at UCB because I...
  7. A

    News Berkeley Protesters Built a Human Wall

    On the heels of 4 major universities offering racially segregated living areas, at the request of some students, some people decided that didn't go far enough. http://reason.com/blog/2016/10/26/video-uc-berkeley-protesters-built-a-hum']This[/PLAIN] week at UC Berkley protesters decided to...
  8. D

    Schools UBC, Berkeley, or UCLA, for undergrad?

    Hi, I'm a California resident who is also a Canadian citizen. I'm currently deciding between Berkeley, UCLA, and UBC (University of British Columbia). I would be majoring in physics at Berkeley and UCLA, while at UBC I would major in Engineering and hope to get into Engineering Physics. I'm...
  9. Mr Davis 97

    Programs BA or BS in Physics: Why Does Berkeley Only Offer a BA?

    I know that this question has been answered before, but what is the difference between a BA and a BS in physics? Specifically in reference to UC Berkeley. Berkeley only has a BA in physics, but it is not like this is a second rate degree, considering that Berkeley is known for its physics...
  10. B

    Pass/No Pass Class at Berkeley Question

    Hi everyone, so I goofed. I ended up taking a pass/no pass one unit course at berkeley called the berkeley connect program for physics. The class was designed for physics majors to collaborate and talk about physics and do activities and such. So I ended up not passing the course and I'm...
  11. M

    Visiting Scholar @Berkeley: tips

    Hello, I was recently given the opportunity to stay at Berkeley for 6months as a visiting scholar during the next spring semester. I would like to know if anyone has been living in the region and ask a few questions. Where is it better to live and what is the best way to find a share...
  12. A

    Can Physics Students Find Support and Assistance on the Physics Forums?

    I really like physics, but I struggle sometimes and have found threads from here helpful in the past, so I finally registered. I hope to be able to help others and get help as I progress in my classes! Nice to meet you all, I go by Mel.
  13. B

    Question about Berkeley Undergrad Physics Course

    Hi there everyone! This is my first post on the forum and maybe it will be somewhat significant now that I feel like I am finally beginning my career studying physics. So I will be attending UC Berkeley this fall as an incoming freshman and I am debating on taking 7A vs H7A my first semester. I...
  14. J

    Schools Will My Background Impact My Chances at Top California Universities?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on PhysicsForums. I am 23 years old and have graduated a CC with a 3.9 GPA. I am a Math Major and yes I have researched how the job prospects are for math majors. I am Hispanic and I am from Salinas Valley. I have been around gangs all my life, my dad...
  15. nsaspook

    News Berkeley, stop the pseudoscience

    http://www.berkeleyside.com/2015/05/13/berkeley-passes-cellphone-right-to-know-law/ How about spending time and money on talking and texting while driving, something that's really dangerous.
  16. P

    UC Berkeley Extension program for IC design or semicon tech

    Hello everyone, I graduated with a BSEE in 2008 and tried a PhD program in EE (semicon device specialization) for a while but it didn't work out. I struggled with an illness that forced me to drop out. I have been working in industry (NOT The semicon industry) since leaving the PhD program...
  17. C

    (Physics Ph.D.) Berkeley or Princeton.

    I am now facing a dilemma of making a choice between Berkeley and Princeton. My intended research field is condensed matter experiment, especially topological materials and 2D materials. Both graduate schools have the suitable group for my research of interests. Also, I know both of them have...
  18. N

    Courses Berkeley Courses for an Engineering Physics Grad

    Hi. I will be a visiting student in Fall 2015/Spring 2016 at berkeley. I am currently in my 3rd year of a 5 year MS Engineering Physics program at my school. Which higher-level courses do you think are most useful for an engineering Physics Grad? Could you guys be so kind as to help me choose...
  19. N

    Physics 141B at Berkeley: Intro Solid State Physics

    Hi. I plan on being an exchange student at Berkeley next year. I cannot find any course description for this course, I only find the description for 141A+141B: http://general-catalog.berkeley.edu/catalog/gcc_list_crse_req?p_dept_name=Physics&p_dept_cd=PHYSICS 141A. Solid State Physics. (4)...
  20. H

    Uniform & Non-Uniform Gravitational Fields Explained

    HEy what is uniform and non-uniform gravitational field...
  21. SpaceCowboy187

    Which B.S. from UC Davis to support NucE from UC Berkeley?

    Ok. I've determined that nuclear engineering research is for me. Want to study it at the B.S. level at Berkeley, but I live in Sacramento. Maybe the commute could be made. Daily. For 2 hours there and back. But... no. So I've decided that I can get a good degree from Davis to support my future...
  22. S

    E & M, Infinite sheet of charge

    The problem I have is about a simple remark made in the book 'Berkeley Physics Course Volume 2, Electricity and Magnetism', chap. 3 figure 3.4 b. It says that if we have an infinite sheet of charge but with 'other charges' present elsewhere in the system, the only thing we can predict is that...
  23. N

    "Publications and Presentations": what do they mean by presentations?

    I'm filling out a grad application to Berkeley, and one of the forms has the title "Publications and Presentations" and asks I have no publications and I haven't given presentations in the context of a conference or the like, so it seems reasonable to leave this blank. However...
  24. Matterwave

    Fortran [FORTRAN] Help figuring out zheev

    Hello guys, I am in need of a subroutine that diagonalizes a nxn Hermitian matrix (really I'm just looking for the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of course). Looking online I found that LAPACK has a zheev subroutine that presumably does just this. I am a little confused on how to use this...
  25. Curieuse

    The right amount of Resources for a self-study attempt

    I am self-studying Physics in the second year of my undergrad(too late i know) as I never really understood many basic concepts in my high school as clearly as i now do. In my enthusiasm to teach myself Physics I bought a number of books but none seem on par with stuff described on many forums...
  26. marcus

    Deformation quantization (survey, introduction, sources)

    In case anyone is interested in DQ I came across this, which is moderately accessible in parts. http://math.berkeley.edu/~alanw/242papers99/karaali.pdf Evidently Alan Weinstein (Berkeley faculty) was teaching a graduate course Math 242 back in 1999 and put this online for his students. If...
  27. J

    Transferring to US to do PHD from UK Bsc Physics

    Hi,everyone. I'm from asia, doing a BSC degree Theoretical physics in Imperial college London, currently finished my second year and got approximately 75% .. As an international student, I understand that very high academic achievement is needed to get any source of funding e.g. scholarship from...
  28. QuantumCurt

    Schools How important are different schools for undergrad and graduate degree?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently attending a community college, and heading into my last year here. I'm starting to fill out my transfer applications, and I was wondering how important it really is to attend different universities for your undergraduate and graduate degrees. I've always heard that...
  29. S

    Academic Guidance for Astrophysics Goals: UC Merced vs UC Santa Cruz or Berkeley

    Good evening! So I am in need of some guidance. I'll go ahead and explain my background, my goals, and my dilemma's. And then I'd appreciate some thoughtful input. :) Thank you in advance. My background: Currently, I'm at a community college. I got out of the military a year ago and...
  30. C

    Book recommendation for classical mechanics

    Hello everyone, I have to choose a book for classical mechanics. After reading a lot through the forum, I find that the book by A.P French and the one by Kleppner is a good buy for my undergraduate course in classical mechanics. Also, is the book by Mary Boas for Mathematical methods a good...
  31. P

    Preparation for Upper Division Physics (general advice in doing well)

    and grad school as well. Hi, I'm a physics major at UCSD (3rd best UC school; behind UCLA and UC Berkeley) , and I'm looking for general advice in doing well in my upper division courses, since I'm fairly nervous. I know I will be in smaller classes filled with the next Einsteins and Feynmans...
  32. S

    Physics Book on EM Waves, Radiation

    Hey, I'm new here but I was hoping you guys could help me out. I am currently studying Waves mainly using MIT's course 8.03 - Vibrations & Waves. I am now at a point where I have almost finished reading AP French and entering EM Waves. Unfortunately French decided (for whatever reason) to not...
  33. C

    Five Cepheids Detected on the Other Side of the Galaxy

    A Stellar Discovery on the Milky Way's Far Side Five remarkable stars on the other side of our galaxy promise new insight into the outer reaches of our home turf By Dr. Ken Croswell A single Hubble Space Telescope image can capture scores of distant galaxies, but the one galaxy we'll...
  34. H

    Schools Is a Degree in Engineering Physics Viable for Graduate School?

    I am a rising Senior in high school, and planning to major in Physics, with the intent of pursuing a Doctorate in Physics. Recently I received a "golden application" to the Colorado School of Mines (http://www.mines.edu/)... a school that I was not previously familiar with. Apparently this...
  35. S

    What are some universities that have affiliation to national labs/Indu

    What are some universities that have affiliation to national labs and or Industry? For examples I'm thinking of how: Lockheed-Martin and USC have come together to create the Experimental and Theoretical Adiabatic Quantum Computation Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University...
  36. Z

    Schools Deciding between 2 top schools

    Hi guys, First of all I know that many threads has been posted in regards to a physics major deciding between UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley. I've been reading all the threads yet still can't make a strong decision or preference over one school. I am a recent undergrad physics transfer...
  37. E

    Calculus based Physics book for undergraduate needed

    Hi all, So I'm a first year undergrad and I really don't like the book I'm currently using at uni; Matter and Interactions by Chabay. I have been searching PF a lot and found out that the best book is Halliday/Resnick/Walker or Krane but I'm not sure which one to get? There are the books...
  38. J

    Top Physics Grad Program Rankings- according to students

    I came across these rankings for Top Physics Schools according to student reviews. Interesting! (link deleted) 1 University of California-Santa Barbara 9.467 2 Brandeis University 9.133 3 University of Pennsylvania 9.100 4 Syracuse University 9.056 5 University of California-Los Angeles...
  39. L

    UCSB CCS vs Berkeley for Undergrad Research

    I'm going to enter college this fall, and I will have a choice between UCSB CCS Physics and Berkeley Physics. The way I see it: CCS offers me more research opportunities, smaller classes, more happy and social student body, probably a higher class rank (Cal is supposed to be more competitive...
  40. B

    How do GWs generate B-modes in the CMB polarization pattern?

    I have been searching through some of the literature, as well as this forum - but I have not found a clear explanation on how exactly the B-modes in the CMB polarization pattern are caused by gravitational waves. I have seen Wayne Hu's pages ( see for instance...
  41. S

    Schools Which European Universities Are Best for a Master's in Applied Physics?

    Greetings, I am going to get my bachelor's degree in physics from Middle East Technical University(Ankara/TURKEY) this year. I would like to continue my graduate studies in applied physics areas and especially photonics. Up to this date I have applied to the physics department of the...
  42. C

    Places to study Physics Beyond The Standard Model.

    I am a MSc student and I am looking for a place to do my PhD in Physics Beyond the Standard Model (Theoretical side). Any suggestions for a place to apply?. I know that there are the traditional elite places like MIT, Standford, Berkeley and so on but I am looking for other suggestions given...
  43. Hercuflea

    Schools How much free time do you have in graduate school (engineering phd)?

    Hello PF. I recently was accepted to a PhD program in nuclear engineering. I am planning on attending for the duration of my phd. I just wanted to ask from those of you who have successfully completed graduate school...how much time does it take? I did a research program last summer so I...
  44. O

    Electromechanical vs. Mechanical Engineering

    What do you guys about these two professions? I am leaning toward teaching Math, however, I am unsure if I will enjoy teaching students who do not wish to learn. I found physics to be interesting, but I must admit that I am not really good at it. I know what I am doing(to a point)...
  45. K

    Deciding between UCal Campuses: UCSD vs. UCSB

    Hi all, I'm currently a physics major in the UK and have been accepted to study abroad for a whole year at a UCal campus, as part of the UCEAP program. At the moment I have to decide on 3 campuses I would like to go to and rank them accordingly, at the moment this is what I have put: - UC...
  46. B

    Schools What Are the Top Engineering Physics Programs for Plasma Physics and Photonics?

    Hi there, my fine-feathered physics friends, Caleb here. I'm researching undergraduate Engineering Physics programs in the States and wonder if y'all would lend me your opinions. I've done a good bit of invaluable searching here already but would like to add a small bit of specificity to the...
  47. T

    Schools What to look for in a university as a transfer

    Hello everyone, I am currently a California Community College student. I have a 3.7 GPA and rising, so I have great chance in almost all state schools in my state. The top schools here seem to be UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC San Diego. In a program in my state we get guaranteed admission to any UC...
  48. S

    Schools When will I receive these colleges' decisions?

    I just applied to Cal Poly Pomona, UC Berkeley, UCSD, but when will I know if they accepted me or rejected me? How will they let me know? Will they notify me through email or by mailing to my home?
  49. S

    Schools Can you suggest me a good college?

    I recently applied to UC Berkeley and Cal Poly Pomona, later will apply to MIT and Boston University. But I want to apply one more college in California that has strong electrical engineering program. Can you suggest me a good college for electrical engineering majors?
  50. T

    Is an Intro to Logic Class Helpful for Transitioning into Higher Mathematics?

    Alright, so I will be registering for classes at my community college here in a few days and I am having a hard time deciding on classes. I am hoping to major in mathematics or physics (leaning toward pure math) and I hope to transfer to UC Berkeley (I have a 3.7 first semester) Some of the...