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Question about college major and minor

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    Im planning to attend Drexel University next year and was wondering if taking Physics as a major and Astrophysics as a minor was a good choice.

    Im very interested in learning about the Universe and astronomy with the application of mathematics and computer programming. I hope to specialize myself in astrophysics at some point in time so...will this setup help with that?

    I feel that taking pure Physics as a major will diversify my knowledge in the field, something that simply doing Astrophysics with its requirements would not offer. What are your suggestions?
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    May want to check on whether you can take astrophysics as a minor if your major is Physics. Where I go they highly discourage it (advisor wouldn't allow it) since other than a few labs and upper level requirements both majors and minors were the same.

    Doesn't mean you can't take astro classes if there is room though.
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    Most universities that don't have an astrophysics/astronomy major will usually recommend that you go physics as a major and then astronomy as a minor for undergrad. This is how my university works, and I THINK it's how others work for the most part. Doing that, you should gain a deep enough understanding of both subjects to apply it to a graduate program in either of the above mentioned areas.
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