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C/++/# Question about learning C++ Linked Lists before Stacks...

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    i wanted to ask you that in c++it is important we should learn linked list before learning stack,queue that i wanted to know while studying data structures
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    I think it depends on whether the stacks and queues are implemented using linked lists or not.

    Simple fixed size stacks and queues can be implemented using a couple of pointers and an array.

    Linked lists allow for making more flexible variable sized stacks and queues.
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    Agree to jedishrfu. In general, things when learning C or C++, go the other way around (first simple stacks and queues using pointers then linked lists) which is equally effective. But, the way you describe can serve well too.
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    yes as linked list is not there in syllabus in our high school
    i asked because there were programs given using linked list implemention of stack
    so i asked we should know linked list before stack,queue
    i got the answer
    once again you solved mu confusion and doubt

    thanks sir
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    okay sir
    i understood
    thanks you sir for clearing for confusion

    once again thanks
    your answer is helping me computer science in c++ in high school class 12
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    The C++ is not relevant, the data structure is universal. As lon as you understand the concept, you can implement them in any language.

    I doubt very many stacks are implemented with lists. You can really implement them in many different ways as long as they satisfy the criteria.
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    yes right through array . pointers,structures
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