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Question about microcontrollers

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    I have a question about microcontrollers. Up until now in my university career I have only used microcontrollers that are already mounted on a circuit board that has pins already set up much like an IC. Now I am interested in going more in depth in this area. My question is are there any resources online that I could read about where I can go about to build my own project where I mount controllers and memory IC's on it?
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    You're just asking how you could make your own printed circuit board, and mount your own components on it?

    To start with, look up the datasheets of the components you want to use (microcontroller, memory, etc.). Design your circuit in schematic form, showing all the connections between the microcontroller, memory, power supplies, etc.

    Next, use a PCB layout program to design a PCB. Send it off to get manufactured (or, if you're adventurous, etch the board yourself at home). Solder on your components and you're done.

    If you're looking for some free tools that you can use to do schematic capture and PCB layout, check out http://www.geda.seul.org/

    - Warren
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    thanks very much.
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    Are their tools used "only" on UNIX (or LINUX) OS's? (Those are excellent platforms by the way.. :smile: )
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