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Question about my internet running slow

  1. Mar 28, 2012 #1
    My Firefox seems to be running slow, should I delete my cookies or temporary internet files,
    what do you guys think I should do?
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    Maybe that, check plugins and addons and get rid of things that you don't need. Maybe check for updates if you haven't updated. Has it been slow only recently (and how recently) or for as long as you can remember?
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    it has been slow for like the last 2 weeks, thanks for your answer.
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    chiro is right about plug-ins. Get rid of any that you don't use regularly, and see if that speeds up the browser. I have a painfully slow Internet connection and ditched FF in favor of Chrome. Never looked back. A sleek browser with no add-ons is mandatory on my connection. I'm paying for 5mps for my ADSL, but rarely get more than 1mps. The ISP has adjusted my package rate (phone, Internet, satellite TV) to my satisfaction, but they still don't have an ETA for the switch upgrade, so there is no way I would go back to FF. I used IE once on my newest PCs - to get on-line and download Chrome.

    If you can't get FF to speed up, perhaps you'd try Chrome. I used to get kicked off PF chat regularly with IE and FF. No problems with Chrome.
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    BTW, you might want to Google "internet speed test" and run SpeedTest to see if your connection is still up to snuff. Your ISP could have a capacity problem, and they probably won't acknowledge it until you talk to tech service.
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    Yes, delete cookies and check the plugins. Sometimes that the main reason why it runs very slow.
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    Firefox is pretty slow, but I don't think IE is much faster. Chrome is noticeably faster. I use the NoScript addon which disables JavaScript by default and that alone makes web browsing quite a lot faster (no video, no stupid intros, just give me base content and let me choose what else to see).

    General PC upkeep might help too. What's running in your system tray? Do you have agents for iTunes, Nero, Winamp and 5-10 other programs all running? You can disable stuff with MSConfig (go to Start >> Run, type msconfig and go to the startup tab)

    Defrag, delete all your temp files, empty your Recycle Bin, make sure you have at least a few GB free on your C:\ for virtual memory.

    How about Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware, etc, much of that running? I use Microsoft's (free) anti-virus these days, it works, it has a small footprint and it's unobtrusive.

    Edit: assumed you were running Windows, this may all be irrelevant :P
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    I would highly recommended you swap to chrome.
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    I tried to install chrome but It said that my version of windows was not supported, even tho I have windows xp.
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    Perhaps is the service pack problem, try upgrade your XP to at least service pack 2
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    ok, I can download service pack 2 off the internet for free right.
  13. Apr 15, 2012 #12
    Re: Question about my internet.

    Yes, free
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    *wince* I don't really like Windows very much, but if you don't even have SP2 installed, that's the equivalent of saying to the whole internet "My PC is wide open! Come and make it a zombie!"

    No wonder it's slow...
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    should I put Linux on it.
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    Re: Question about my internet.

    Errr... I'm definitely in favor of people running GNU/Linux, but I can't answer that question for you. For one, I don't know what you use your computer for, and, perhaps more importantly, I don't know whether you'll manage if you somehow mess up your installation. If you don't think you will, and don't know other people who use a Unix-derivative, then I advice against it.
  17. Apr 16, 2012 #16
    Unless you have familiarity working on a command line interface and have a secondary internet connection to search for solutions, i would strongly advise against using linux, it can cause you a lot of grief. You need to already have a decent background with computers to use it.

    Here are the most common reasons for a computer slowing down.
    1) Spyware/Malware infections
    2) Bloatware/unwanted software using system resources
    3) Computer is just too old to run your patched (SP2/3) Windows

    Here's what i suggest you do:
    First thing is find out if the problem is 3rd party software or if its something thats got to do with your OS or hardware. To do this, we need to boot into safe mode.
    Reboot your computer. Just after your BIOS screen and just before the windows logo screen, tap on the F8 key a few times (1 click per second)
    This will display several boot options. Select Safemode With Networking and hit enter.
    You will see a whole bunch of text and the display will look big. This is normal.
    Log into your account and try to access the internet. If it runs fast, then your problem is too many programs on your computer or possibly a spyware infection.
    If it still runs slow, then maybe your computer is too old/hardware issue or perhaps there is some sort of OS corruption. If the latter is the case, then the only real advice i can give you over the forum is to backup all your important data, wipe your computer clean and reinstall windows.
    If the computer runs smooth and internet is fast, then the following may help you resolve it.

    Reboot your computer and let it boot normally (do not click F8 this time)

    You need to scan your system for malicious software. Use Spybot Search and Destroy, its a free antispyware program, one of the most reliable.
    download>install>update>immunize>scan>clean. Then reboot, scan, clean again. Reboot again.

    Once your back in your system. open your add/remove programs window
    Start>Control Pannel>Add/Remove programs.
    Wait for the list to populate.
    Go through the entire list one by one and remove/uninstall any program you do not recognise/use anymore.

    do not restart yet.
    Open the System Configuration Utility

    this opens the microsoft system configuration utility.
    Click on the startup tab.
    uncheck everything on this list except for your antivirus software (expand the command column to see what the location and the name of the executable is to figure out what the program is, for example, c:\program files\McAfee\.... is McAfee antivirus software, its legit and safe)
    once you have done this step, apply and close.
    Restart your computer.

    When you are back in, then clear your Firefox/IE/Chrome cache again, make sure you reset them to defaults, change your home page to something simple like google. Then try to browse to the internet and see how your speeds are.

    If you are still having issues, then perhaps its time to simply wipe your computer clean and start over from scratch as further troubleshooting can be difficult over a forum.
    If after a wipe/reinstall of Windows you are still having issues, then either your computer is simply too old or there's some hardware issues. Either way, best bet might be to fork out a few hundred bucks and get yourself a new budget system.

    I hope this helps you resolve your issue.
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    That's not exactly true either. It was a decade or so ago, but no longer. These days, pretty much anyone can download a newbie-friendly distro such as Ubuntu and be up and running in minutes.
  19. Apr 17, 2012 #18
    ok thanks for everyone's answers.
  20. Apr 25, 2012 #19
    Ya,You should delete your cookies and temporary files first and then open network and sharing center and then click on the diagnose button,I am sure this will help you.
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