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Question about projectile motion

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    I have a question when any object is in project motion is the vertical acceleration of the object equal to 9.81m/s^2 (gravity)?
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    Yes - (ignoring air resistance) remember to get the signs right, it acts down!
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    Doc Al

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    Yes. (Given the usual assumptions: Near the earth's surface; no air resistance.)
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    I have another question what equations can I use to find intial v, the angle and maximum height on projectile motion?
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    For initial V you only need:

    initial V = (X - initial X) / t

    For maximum height (you are asking for final y, where initial y=0, and initial V=0) :

    y = (4.9m/s^2) (t^2)

    Finally, angles are found using Pythagoras theorem or sen, cos, and tan famous equations. Review your trigonometry.
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