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Question about spirngs their force

  1. Jan 24, 2008 #1
    if there is a spring between two boxes of different masses, and the spring is compressed, with energy stored, then if the i let go of the boxes at exactly the same time, will the spring exert the same amount of force on both of the boxes? or does the force it exerts on the boxes is mass Dependant?
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    Think Newton's Third Law.

    The force of the spring will be the same on both boxes, equal and opposite. Remember that the accelerations will still be different though.
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    yes, the accelerations are mass Dependant.

    Thank You.
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    This is an easy experiment to try. Hook a spring scale onto a spring scale which is hooked onto a big mass (like the earth). Then hang a mass on the lower spring scale. How do the two readings compare to the mass?
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