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Question on Elementary Index Notation

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    I have a question regarding the attached file. How do you get those indicies when you multiply the kronecker deltas with A, B, and C? For instance, C - subscript m remains the same on the left side of the expression, but then becomes C subscript i on the right side.

    How does this logically work out? What are the rules for these operations?


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    Re: Intro to elementary index notation


    The key is [tex]\varepsilon_{kij}\varepsilon_{klm}\,=\,(\delta_{il}\delta_{jm}\,-\,\delta_{im}\delta_{jl})[/tex]

    Is that clear?
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    Do you understand that they are using the "summation convention"? That, since j, l, and m are repeated, there is an implied sum as j, l, and m take on values 1, 2, and 3. The final result cannot depend on j, l, or m.
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