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Homework Help: Question on oscillations spring balance and fish

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    The scale of a spring balance reading from zero to 180 N is 7.00 cm long. A fish suspended from the balance is observed to oscillate vertically at 2.50 Hz. What is the mass of the fish? Neglect the mass of the spring.
    ________ kg

    k =(180-0)/(7-0) = 25.714 N/m

    frequency = (m/k)^(1/2)
    2.5 = (m/25.714)^(1/2)
    6.25 = m/25.714
    m = 160.714 kg

    I am pretty certain this is wrong.
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    I think there are two problems. The first is that the equation is actually:

    [tex] \omega = \sqrt{\frac{k}{m}} [/tex] ​

    and you have the reciprocal of that. The second problem is that omega is not quite the same thing as the frequency of oscillation.
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    yeah but what is the spring constant, K. I sort of need that to solve the problem.
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