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New Balance (NB) is an American sports footwear and apparel brand that was established in 1906. The brand was originally associated with the New Balance Arch Support Company. Today the brand is associated with New Balance Athletics, Inc., an American multinational corporation and its parent New Balance, Inc., a Jim Davis owned holding company that owns New Balance Athletics, Inc. New Balance Athletics, Inc. and New Balance, Inc. are both based in the same headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts.
New Balance is one of the world's major sports footwear and apparel manufacturers and maintains a manufacturing presence in the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom for the European market, where they produce some of their most popular models such as the 990 model—in contrast to its competitors, which often manufacture exclusively outside the United States and Europe. As a result, New Balance shoes tend to be more expensive than those of many other manufacturers. To offset this pricing difference, New Balance claims to differentiate their products with technical features, such as blended gel inserts, heel counters and a greater selection of sizes, particularly for very narrow or very wide widths. The company has made total profits of approximately $69 billion since 1992.

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  1. S

    Confused about how forces in a pulley balance

    The question is regarding this image, I understand the two 50N forces provide a clockwise moment of 40 x 10^-2 x 100 which gives option D, as this moment must be balanced by the moment given by T. Now my question is, how is the net force on this system equal to 0? It says it is in equilibrium...
  2. Kostik

    A What does Dirac mean by "the suffixes would not balance"?

    In Dirac ("GTR") p. 39 he says, "For a covariant vector ##A_\mu##, we have $$A_{\mu;\nu}-A_{\nu;\mu} = A_{\mu,\nu} - \Gamma^\rho_{\mu\nu} A_\rho - \left( A_{\nu,\mu} - \Gamma^\rho_{\nu\mu}A_\rho \right) = A_{\mu,\nu} - A_{\nu,\mu}.$$ This result may be stated: covariant curl equals ordinary...
  3. S

    Spinning a Bucket to measure gravity with the parabolic surface of the water

    I did (A) by balancing force on point p (in the figure). I found slope , tanθ = (w^2)x/g. I dont know what to do next. Pls help
  4. Theexploer

    Forces applied to a spring-loaded gas pedal

    TL;DR Summary: An accelerator pedal is located steadily on our line at point O, the spring AB is perpendicular to the accelerator pedal, keeping it balanced at an angle of 45 degrees. a = 45* the weight of the accelerator pedal is 10N and it is loaded on G. OG = 10 cm OB = 15 cm. Question =...
  5. Fury22

    B Lever balancing physics (video game design)

    Hi everyone! I am not a physicist or a physics student. Just a simple video game programmer. I have recently gotten into a discussion with my fellow programmer about a specific hypothetical problem regarding levers. The problem might seem very simple at first, but cause me a bit of headache...
  6. ergospherical

    How does pressure balance work in the magnetosphere?

    I'm not sure how to set up the pressure balance at the magnetosphere? Maybe some energy equation relating ##\frac{1}{2} \dot{M} v^2 \sim## magnetic energy density?
  7. J

    B How is an unstable object balanced?

    The other day I was watching a trials rider balancing a stationary motorcycle and apparently they can do it pretty much indefinitely. I don't understand how they can do it. Say the motorcycle (and rider) starts tipping left. So the rider moves their body to the right to compensate. But this...
  8. L

    How Camera Jibs Remain at Any Angle Without Moving Counterbalances

    Hi, I am trying to understand how camera jibs work. They seem to be able to remain at whatever angle despite being balanced. The counter weight is static and does not move, yet the jib does not remain level nor does lift or drops. I have spoken to the operators and they mention they don't use...
  9. barryj

    I Formula for credit card balance as a function of payments

    I have been trying to find the financial formula that will give the balance of a credit card debt as a function of time. Example, at 18% interest, if I pay $150 a month how long will it take me to pay off my debt. When I google, I get pointers to Excello functions. I want to know the exact formula.
  10. Quasar100

    Normal Forces on a Sphere in a Non-vertical Groove

    neglect friction and motion (sliding) and G(sphere)=20N. In this question I reached two different result with two different solving method.But one of them is false according to answer key. My question is why first solving way is false? Because the first solution way makes sense to me. If we...
  11. MatinSAR

    Balance of forces for two charged spheres hanging from the ceiling

    I think if we don't consider electron's/proton's mass then we can say that the amount of charge doesn't need to be equal according to Newton's 3rd Law. I mean having q on one ball and 2q on another ball , still makes the angles having the same size. Is it true ? What if we consider proton's...
  12. tracker890 Source h

    Why Is Taking Moments at Point A' Incorrect in Rotational Balance Problems?

    Please help me to understand why it is wrong to take moment for point ## A’ ## , because I think static equilibrium should be static equilibrium for any point in space. Method 1: $$ \sum{M_A=0:} $$ $$ F\cdot R=\left( F_p \right) _x\cdot \left( R-y_p \right) +\left( F_p \right) _y\left( x_p...
  13. DrDavy

    B Can an Hourglass on a Balance Scale Create Equilibrium?

    Here's my question: Two spent hourglasses that weigh exactly the same on a balance scale. You flip one over so that it's running. What happens to the balance?
  14. Jenq

    A Pressure balance in a sphere

    Hi A sphere with radius r is buried in an elastic ideal medium at pressure P1. Inside the sphere I use energy E to create a variation of pressure of dP. What variation dPx I would measure if the sphere was buried in a medium at pressure P2 using the same energy E? Is it possible to solve...
  15. L

    Pulley system to balance the weight of a person

    Since we are dealing with an ideal rope, we have that ##T_1=T_2=T_3=F and T_2+T_3=2F=(m+m_p)g\Leftrightarrow F=\frac{m+m_p}{2}g.## ##T_4=3F+(m+m_p+M_p)g=\frac{3}{2}(m+m_p)g+(m+m_p+M_p)g=(\frac{5}{2}m+\frac{5}{2}m_p+M_p)g## and ##T_5=mg-2F.## Is this correct? If not, I woould appreciate a brief...
  16. rudransh verma

    Pulley and weights hanging from spring balance

    Net force acting downwards is ##5g-g=4g## in downward direction. Net force on pulley is ##2T-4g##. Weight measured by balance?
  17. R3ap3r42

    Invariant mass and energy balance

    a) Two particles have energies E1 and E2, and momenta p1 and p2. Write down an expression for the invariant mass of this two-particle system. Leave your answer in terms of E1 and E2, and p1 and p2. b) A typical photon (γ) in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) has an energy of kBTCMB, where...
  18. shivajikobardan

    MHB N and V: Finding the Right Balance

    what is this trying to say? N and V could be Noun and verb...
  19. barryj

    Using matrices to balance chemical equations

    I am working with matrices to balance chem equations. I have googled hard equations to balance and find that most, at least what I have found, have the number of elements to be less than the terms in the equation. for example ... FeCr2O4 + ... Na2CO3 + ... O2 -->... Na2CrO4 + ...Fe2O3 + 1CO...
  20. J

    B How do relativistic effects change oscillation of the balance wheel in mechanical watch causing it to tick slower?

    Does mechanical watch ticks slower when move fast, due to relativistic effects? To make watch tick slower you must change oscillation of balance wheel inside watch, so if answer is yes, what myster "force" change balance wheel oscillation in mechanical watch to ticks slower?
  21. M

    Engineering Spring Deformation: Potential Energy Balance Incorrect?

    In the initial position the spring is previously compressed, then the block adds a force, and the spring is again deformed. I think the energy balance is incorrect; the potential energy of the spring is repeated.
  22. D

    Seemingly simple equilibrium problem - force balance

    For this problem we are asked to find the tension in the cable BE and the compressive force in beam CE. We are given that ## \angle C = 40 \circ##. We are also given that CE = 10 meters and vertical BC = 6 meters. My solution is to find BE using the law of cosines, from which I get $$BE =...
  23. Dario56

    I How Does Surface Tension Balance Small Objects on Water Surface?

    When small object such as needle is put on the surface of water it displaces small amount of water which creates a depression under the object. Such depression increases surface area of the water because of which surface tension tends to decrease it. Explanation why surface tension balances the...
  24. Delta2

    I Bicycle physics: Keeping balanced....

    So my main question is why we maintain balance easily when the bicycle has some horizontal velocity, but it isn't the same when bicycle is at rest. The best answer I could find at the web is that when the bicycle wheels rotate, essentially they form gyroscopes and gyroscopes resist the change...
  25. P

    Physics Grad School (and career) Work-Life Balance: Physics vs Other Fields

    Let’s start things off straight: I LOVE physics. I love the opportunity to understand the world more in depth and mathematically and have had good experiences with all my professors in all of my classes. I have loved the teaching experience I have had as a several-time TA, as well as the deeper...
  26. J

    Finding the tension of a support cable to balance the beam

    I know the answer is 170 but I am not sure how to get there. I tried doing things backwards g=9.8 t = fr = mgr 0= 170 + tbl - tbr - 5x9.8x1.5 0= 170 + tbl - tbr - 73.5 -96.5 = tbl - tbr -96.5 = 18*9.8 * 0.2 - 18*9.8*1.4 -96.5 does not equal -211.68
  27. guyvsdcsniper

    Calculating distance to balance see-saw

    I am trying to find out where I need to place mass 3 to balance this see-saw. I am measuring all distances with respect to the fulcrum, so positive is to the right of the fulcrum and negative is to the left of it. Experimentally I have found the distance that mass 3 needs to be to balance this...
  28. C

    Fulcrum, balance point and scissor lift force

    My first question, so be kind (!) Long time since I was at school, and can only remember the basics of beams and fulcrums. In essence, that a 1kg weight 5mtrs from a fulcrum / pivot needs 5kg at 1mtr to counterbalance. But what about the beam itself? Do the two sides cancel each other out? For...
  29. A

    Torque Balance of Motor and Transmission

    I read this in my college design book, that for a car transmission, if the engine provide T, and the output is RT(ratio x Torque), the difference of (RT-T) must be back on the engine mounting. This example makes sense, I am not questioning that.However, if i have an offset gear drive, like that...
  30. E

    How Is Angular Momentum Calculated Without Considering Gravity and Viscosity?

    we neglect gravity and viscosity efects i really can't understand how does the author managed to get the equation in the image
  31. I

    Bouncing calculation of this balance equation with the Iteration Method

    I need to solve the following equation for [OH-]: Kw/[OH-] + (10^-5)Kb/(Kb+[OH-]) = [OH-] by using the iteration method. I guess that [OH-] = 10^-7 M. I plug this into the left hand side of the equation and find [OH-] = 1.39*(10^-7) M. I plug this value back into the left hand side, and get...
  32. tracker890 Source h

    Asymmetric beam torsion balance with shear flow

    Dear Everyone: Q: Please help me to understand why the torque of external load to the centroid is different from the torque of internal shear flow to the centroid in the asymmetric beam? Attached please refer to the following link for more details. Question version Original version Thank you...
  33. R

    Design of a cell phone stand - force balance question

    Hello all- I am trying to design a simple cell phone holder that will be printed using a 3D printer. For this phone holder I would like the base to be the minimum length possible to avoid the thing tipping over backwards. I drew a simplified slope and base which represents the phone on the...
  34. Z

    Greedy Balance Alg (Load Balancing): What is k in the ##min_k T_k ## term

    I am trying to understand the term ##min_k## ##T_k ## in the following algorithm. At other place they said that it represents min load on any machine but I can’t understand the usage of variable ‘k’ which is not assigned any value. Some body please guide me ,what value is assigned to k in the...
  35. cwill53

    How can I solve the Spring Balance problem using alternative methods?

    Here is the diagram: I’ve only drawn the diagram and made equations for the sum of forces in the x-directions and y-directions: ##\sum F_{x}=(7 lbs)sin\beta+(8 lbs)sin\alpha=0## ##\sum F_{y}=(8 lbs)cos\alpha+(7 lbs)cos\beta-13 lbs=0##
  36. Jeremy74

    How Does Weight Distribution Affect the Balance of a Ferris Wheel?

    I made a sample ‘test run’ with one, two, three and four weights of equal mass. Wheel number 1: one weight placed on the rim. Wheel number 2: two equal weights placed opposite to each other at 180 degrees angle, (‘diameter configuration’) Wheel number 3: three equal weights placed at 120 degree...
  37. E

    Balance these nuclear equations

    I was thinking that these reactions have something to do with the conservation of leptons but I am not certain.
  38. N

    Solving for λ, a, and Vmax: An Analysis of Energy Balance and SHM

    a) λ = 4/3 by considering the energy balance as P moves from A (2a) to B (1/2a). The E.E. at A changes into a gain in gravitational potential energy + build up of E.E. at B since the spring compresses. b) a = 5/3g by considering that the mass P is in dynamic equilibrium immediately after...
  39. A

    Thermodynamics energy balance for control volume

    Why is energy balance for a control volume dE/dt = dQ/dt-dW/dt-dm/dt(ΔH+ΔKE+ΔPE) 0 = dQ/dt-dW/dt-dm/dt(ΔH+ΔKE+ΔPE) whereas for other systems it is ΔE =Q-W-(ΔU+ΔKE+ΔPE) 0 = Q-W-(ΔU+ΔKE+ΔPE) with enthalpy, h = u +pv, replaced by only the internal energy? How is the pv term accounted for...
  40. C

    B Average Daily Balance for 2 consecutive months

    What does the term "average daily balance for two consecutive months" mean? For example. Suppose the account has $1 from February 1 to March 30. And it suddenly has $1 million dollars for March 31. If the penalty is charged if it's below $5. Does the big amount entered in the March 31 makes the...
  41. BiggestAfrica

    Determining speed at an angle using an energy balance

    I first found the height of the ball after it's passed the 45 degree angle by doing 4.12*sin(45) = 2.9133, and plugged in the rest of the variables (masses cancel) .5(m)(vo^2) = (.5)(m)(vf^2) + mgh (17.5^2)(.5) = (.5)(vf^2)(9.8*2.9133) vf = 15.7845, however this is incorrect I don't understand...
  42. B

    Balance length for a potentiometer circuit

    Here is the question itself Here is my attempt at it Does 4cm look right? Any help would be great, thanks!
  43. A

    B Why does a spinning top balance better when it is spinning?

    I took a spinning top out of a christmas cracker and watched it for a while. So I think a spinning top should just fall over like it does when it is at rest. Why does it "work"? It balances better when you spin it on its axis.
  44. D

    Chemistry Balancing Redox Reaction: FeS2+Na2O2→Na2FeO4+Na2SO4+Na2O"

    FeS2+Na2O2->Na2FeO4+Na2SO4+Na2O Fe2+ --->Fe+6+4e- 2S-1 --->2S+6+14e- 2O- + 2e- ---> 2O The first two have a total of 18 electrons so In order to balance the electrons i should multiply by 9 the third semireaction (2O- + 2e- ---> 2O-2)x9 now this 9 is going to multiply the left hand in...
  45. F

    Segway balance question (inverted pendulum)

    Summary: Why does segway rider who leans forward when accelerating keep balanced ? Is it because the inertial torque acting on the rider balances the torque created by gravity? F=-ma
  46. DaTario

    Coriolis and Centrifugal effects in balance

    Hi all, Consider a platform with angular velocity ##\omega##. A particle on top of it has a velocity with only ##\hat \theta## component (no radial ##\hat r## velocity). In this case, the inertial forces read: $$ F_{in} = 2m\omega V_\theta \, \hat r + m \omega^2 r \, \hat r $$ If ##V_\theta =...
  47. Benjamin_harsh

    Is it possible to use the center of gravity to balance a bird toy?

    Here is the picture where person balancing a toy bird with using center of mass. I am bored with center of mass. I want to try same experiment with center of gravity. Is it possible to use center of gravity to balance bird toy ?
  48. T

    Thermal balance in calorimeter after adding lead

    Since ΔT is change in temperature, the container and it's contents and the led most have same temperature difference when the led is added. I tried by assuming that energy released by the led is same as the amount that container and it's contents absorb. Meaning Q1-Q2 = 0 => Q1 = Q2. $$ \Delta...
  49. K

    What is the weight that will balance the object Q?

    Here is diagram for Tower Crane. The Rack weight P=700kN, and the maximum load capacity for this crane is W=200kN. The long beam length is 12 metres, and the balance object weighs Q. The short beam length is 6 metres. What is the weight of Q to keep the crane's balance at all situation?