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Courses Question regarding change of course.

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    Dear People,

    I had a tiny question and since i didnt find my answer in the forums i decided to make a threat.

    I like in United Arab Emirates and I would like to study aerospace (and later astronautics). Over here I can only recall a single university that has aerospace courses.

    On the other hand many popular universities have campuses here (Waterloo, american university, etc.) whom all have a simillar offer which is : "Study here for two years, then transfer to Canda/USA after that"

    Well what I had in mind was to study "Mechanical Eng." here since its usually offered and after the "two years" move to say for example Waterloo Canada and "change my course" to Aerospace.

    Well here is the question:

    Is the above plan even possible academically? or will it count as "i have dropped eng. and now retrying something else? over all is it a good thing or bad thing? And also is it alot of trouble/risky?

    Your answers will be of most help.

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    Check the courses the school offers - if they offer physics courses, take those. (assuming a knowledge of basic calculus). If there is no formal physics degree, engineering is good.
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    Dear Vee,
    I would like to thank you for your reply.
    The reason I have chosen Mechanical Engineering is to have a backup plan. What I mean is that if for any reason I did not have the chance to study aerospace or simply changed my mind about it, i can have a good chance of having a job. Also i do not really enjoy pure physics.

    I also really enjoy any type of engineering involving mechanics, but enjoy the "flying" section of mechanics more.

    So i guess from your answer that its possible, i should simply just change when its time for it.

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