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I Question ,trigonometric identities equation and functions ?

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    what is the difference between trigonometric identities , equations and functions ...?

    is it possible to apply some numerical method on a trigonometric function ??

    i was looking for an example where numerical methods could be applied on a trigonometric function ...

    i am not sure what you could achieve with that at this point of time...

    also ... is this a trigonometric function ??

    f(x) = A sin (kx-wt)

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    Identities like sin^theta + cos^2 theta = 1 are true for all values of theta. Equations like sin theta = cos (theta +x) is true for some value or values of theta only. Any function involving trigonometric ratios of variable can be called trigonometric function. Yes I think numerical methods can be applied here. try to apply it to solve teh equation quoted in this post.
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    thanks for that ...

    i am not familiar with the numerical methods associated with trigonometry right now ...

    could someone tell me few examples of it ??
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    just put different values of theta and take some say x = 30 degree. and check when sin theta = cos(theta+30).
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    thanks for the answers ..

    i will surely try when i get some free time ...
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