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Questions about Alcubierre Drive

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    SO... According to the implications of Alcubierre's peer-reviewed, published theory... According to his equations, would the Alcubierre drive produce any gravitational waves that would spread outwards from the source? From what I understand, there's considerable manipulation of space that would have to occur. Would this produce gravitational waves?
    THATS IT. End of question.

    So, hopefully this question won't be deleted. Admittedly, it is rooted in a qualitative rather than a quantitative understanding. This may irk some, but is it really good policy to delete a lay-person's questions? Interest by the general public should be encouraged. I'm studying business at Northwestern. This means I'm not stupid. It also means there's a good chance that one day I will have lots and lots of money. So help a lay person out. And maybe one day he will help out physics.

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    Please note that your earlier question was deleted NOT because it was a "lay-person's question". If you spent some time browsing this forum, you'll see a LOT of "lay-person's" questions. So I'll leave it up to you, since you are "not stupid", to figure out why those questions were allowed, and yours was not!

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