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Homework Help: Questions about charge flow and electricity

  1. Sep 7, 2007 #1
    I've just started GCSE physics. I'm pretty happy with everything on the course, but my physics teacher has given me a crazy homework which consists of simple questions about things that we haven't done in lessons. he says that we may need to research a bit, but I can't find anything with google or with bbc bitesize

    The questions are ones like this:

    • The direction of the current in a metal is from the side at higher .............., to the side at lower ............ This is called the ............. current.
    • When some chemical compounds are........... or dissolved in ............ they ............ electricity.

    On another page they're harder than just copy and complete. For example:

    • How much hydrogen is produced per coulomb of charge flowing around the circuit? [edit] (they give an example experiment)

    I really have no idea about most of this and we haven't covered it in lessons. Could anyone link me to a good informative site where this subject is covered?

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