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Other Questions about Undergrad research

  1. Aug 1, 2016 #1
    I will be a senior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science, and I am looking for some research experience in the fields of CS for next fall. The CS class that I have done best in is machine learning and I also enjoy working with big data (2 internships related to it), so any type of research that is ML/data or a mix of both would be ideal for me. I have a few questions regarding the process of getting research:

    1. Because I am off campus right now, how should I go about applying to research positions? Usually, when someone sends an email to professor inquiring research, it comes with meeting a professor personally at office hours to discuss opportunities, but obviously, that wouldn't work for me right now. So what should I say in my email?

    2. How many professors should I apply to and reach out before I expect an offer? I sent out like 3 so far and gotten no responses yet. I try to read research papers and personalize my emails to them, but this is taking really slow so far, unlike when applying to jobs where I would just use almost the same cover letter and spam resumes.

    3. How much does GPA and internships matter? My technical GPA is 3.3 but I got an A in machine learning, and I'm trying to apply for positions with professors in that field.

    THanks in advance!
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    If you're not getting replies then hold off until classes start in 3 weeks or so and go the personal route.
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