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Questions about Venturi scrubber

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    Hi, I try to understand an article from Wikipedia about the venturi scrubber. I cannot understand its some parts.
    I would like to ask these parts from here.

    1) "The inlet gas, forced to move at extremely high velocities in the small throat section, shears the liquid from its walls, producing an enormous number of very tiny droplets." I cannot understand the part "shears the liquid from its walls". Is it walls of liquid or walls of the scrubber and would you like to explain how the liquid can be sheared and what happens after this?

    2) "Particle and gas removal occur in the throat section as the inlet gas stream mixes with the fog of tiny liquid droplets. The inlet stream then exits through the diverging section, where it is forced to slow down."

    I cannot understand the part of "particle and gas removal in the throat" because gas and liquid goes through that
    throat. What is that "removal" ?


    Thank you.
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    Basically, they spray water into the throat of the venturi at a certain rate such that the gas, moving very quickly, atomizes the liquid (turns it into mist, rather than straight liquid). The particulate in the inlet gas then attach themselves to the droplets of mist. As the fluid slows down in the diverging section, the heavy droplets drop out of the gas, leaving the gas cleaner than when it went in.
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