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Questions concerning about brushless dc motor

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    questions concerning about the brushless dc motor

    in a brushless dc motor,does the power given by a battery move in and out throughout the electric current of the magnetic wire?

    I have the magnetic wires both parallel to each other and placed at the negative and positive terminal of the battery. both magnetic wire are placed around an iron nail and it's situated on a beam so it's balance. in front of the iron nail is a cork with 2 magnets attached to it. i have also placed a needle through the cork so that the needle would fit in a little hole that can hold the cork and the 2 magnets attached to it. when i turn on the machine, the armature or cork starts spinning because the magnets are repelling. why do the magnets repel instead of attract in this particular situation?

    What is a rotating rotor made out of and how does it push or pull when being used in a motor?

    How does a cork with 2 magnets attach to it repel a magnetized iron nail magnetically in a brushless dc motor?

    Do magnets in motor tend to repel or attract?
    also how do magnets effect how the motor functions? and if stronger magnets would have a greater effect on the cork( we used a cork from a wine bottle and connected it with 1 magnets to the left and right side)
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