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Questions on Tatoos

  1. Jul 20, 2003 #1
    I'm considering getting a tatoo on my left bicep but I have some questions.

    1. How risky is it and how can I be sure that the place putting a tatoo on me is following safety procedures as described by the law.

    2. I also weight train. If I got a tatoo on my bicep, wouldn't the image be distorted by muscle gain?

    3. What's the risk of infection after the tatoo is placed onto the skin?

    Questions, Questions, Questions.
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    I got a tatoo, and when i did the guy had new needle, new gloves, change the ink, had disinfectant and kept the arm clean with a paper towels. You should see the person opening the needle package in front of you. Make sure you see everything in order to be sure.

    You migth have some strech mark if your muscle increase a lot compare to the present size. It also depend were your tatoo is on your bicep.

    After you remove your bandage, your suppose to apply an antiseptic cream that you can buy in drugstore. You put the cream your tatoo frequently (every 2 hours) at begining. As your tissue scars, then the cream is not needed as much. It takes about 1 to 2 weeks of using the cream.

    Just to had up, the noise of the needle is annoying and it doesn't hurt unless your close to a bone then you feel the vibration in a many part of body. It is unpleasent if your there for more than an hour.
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    i remember shortly after getting mine it itched for a few days...
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    Thanks Iansmith and Kerrie.

    I really haven't made up my decision about it but I'm giving myself more time to think about it.

    I also heard that they have these temporary tatoos that you "iron" on and they go away after a month (I think). If I'm really wanting a tatoo, I'll get one of those first and see how I like it.

    I also heard that they process of getting a tatoo is very painful but not unbearable. Any fact behind this?
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    Just dont get a barbed wire band. Those tats are played out.
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    Depend were you get your tatoo. one of my friend got a tatoo on his shoulder plate and he said it hurt is pectorals (???) but he said it was bearable. I got it on my arm and it felt like when you get a vaccine or when the take blood. To me it bearly hurt and it was bearable at the begining, by the end it was still bearable but i was glad it done.
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