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Homework Help: Quick/general question about conducting spherical shell.

  1. Oct 14, 2012 #1
    If I have a +5 nC charge on the inside of the shell, the inside surface would be -5nC, the outside would be +5 nC and between those surfaces there would a 0 charge, right?

    So just to make sure I have it all straight, the INSIDE of the shell would actually be 0 because the INNER SURFACE is -5 nC which cancels out the inside charge.

    The OUTER SURFACE would be +5nC and the area BETWEEN the surfaces would simply be 0....am I right?
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    You have a shell around a positive charge of +5nC? In that case: Right. The bulk of the shell is free of charges and fields, as it has to be. The inner and outer surface of the shell have charges.
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    Great, thanks.
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