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Homework Help: Quick question about Equilibrium w/ Stress

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    Quick question about Equilibrium w/ Stress :D

    Hello guys!

    I am new here but I plan to stick around for a long time :D

    I have a quick question, and I was wondering if you guys could help me...

    1) A steel cable with cross sectional area 3.0 cm^2 has an elastic limit of 2.4*10^8Pa. Find the maximum upward acceleration that can be given a 1200-kg elevator supported by the cable if the stress is not to exceed one-third of the elastic limit.
    Answer is 10.2 m/s2.

    This is what I did :D,
    1/3 of 2.4*10^8 is 80000000Pa

    Tensile Stress=F/A



    Anyone? It's late so I gave it my best shot :D
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    1cm² = (0.01)² m² = 0.0001 m²
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    With that I get 2m/s^2(Which you are right, I didn't see that initially)

    Using N2L, T-W=Ma
    So, T=F from above?

    Thanks a bunch L:D
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