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Quick Question about throwing a ball vertically

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    If I were to throw a ball vertically upward, would the initial velocity of the ball be the same as the final velocity of my arm?
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    if by final you mean the second the ball leaves your hand, yes
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    Yes that is what I meant, thx.
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    Maybe not so simple - a ball is compressible - so as you accelerate the ball you will compress the ball's side nearest your hand. As the ball leaves your hand your arm must have been decelerating - or presumably the ball wouldn't have left your hand. The question is what happened to the energy you used to compress the ball on acceleration - did it give a kick to the ball which was decompressing on launch or was it already recovered somewhere in your arm motion before the ball left your hand? I don't know :( Try with a softly inflated balloon to see if you can see or feel what happens on release.
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