Quick questions about Area-Velocity relation

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Is it valid for real gases? My initial thought would be no, since the derivation is based on the assumption that the flow is isentropic.

Is it valid for square ducts?
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area velocity relation?

the continuity equation?

It can only be applied to incompressible flow, the density must remain constant.
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No, the area velocity relation is dA/A = (M^2 -1) dV/V
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hi piano girl-
what is the M?-can u tell us about this equation more clear?,and please tell us which kind of gases this equation can be applied?-continuity equation can't be applied for the gases-its only as Mr:mybsaccownt said-for incompressible flow-and the gases is an compressible fluids-in which the density not constant.
waiting you to tell us about this equation-it might be important,thanks .
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