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News Quick, spend faster!

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    I used to believe in the stereotype, that Democrats were wasteful spenders and Republicans were the more fiscally responsible; six years of this administration, though, has proven me wrong. The administration of Star Wars, DHS, and Iraq has set a high bar for the olympic sport of money-hurling. But the Democrats are going for gold!

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070104/ap_on_go_co/democrats_homeland_security [Broken]

    Sounds expensive! Let's parse this:

    More aimless bureaucracy.

    typical strategy - spend big money addressing just one of the trillion vulnerabilites that exist in the modern world, as if it's a smart use of money (as opposed to crass political posturing)

    cause the smallest ones ain't got no money...

    while all other government agencies keep on policing themselves

    we're already setting aside billions for that; it shouldn't read "money would be set aside" but "yet more money would be set aside"

    once you were presumed guilty; but now - you get a chance to prove yourself innocent! What a great deal!
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    It's a ploy, no doubt they hope to cash in on disillusioned Republican voters and increase state power over corporations at the same time. It's win-win!
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