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Other Quitting full time job prematurely?

  1. Jun 8, 2016 #1
    I graduated with a masters degree in computer engineering this year and I have a good job lined up with a defense contractor, but I am in the process of being investigated for a secret security clearance. Unfortunately, I can't start work until the government has granted me clearance, and I have financial needs such as paying for an apartment/repaying school loans. I don't want to be a financial burden to my family so I need to find a job, but finding temporary work in my field of study is difficult (aside from trying to freelance as a software developer), so i guess my question is, should I apply to full-time engineering positions for other companies and then resign when I receive my clearance anywhere from 2-4 months after starting? Or do i bite the bullet and find a low paying temp job somewhere where I won't burn any bridges?
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    Finding a full-time engineering position may take a few weeks anyway. So if the main problem boils down to: need cash now, you'll have to be a little more flexible with what kind of position you'll accept. There's no dishonour in taking a lower paying, less skill-intensive job to pay the bills until you can get something that's a little more inline with your skill set and career aspirations.
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    Thanks for the response. I just hoped that I could sharpen my skills instead of working minimum wage, but maybe the a lower skill job will give life a new pespective
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    Burning bridges is always the last option and is totally unwarranted here.
    Yes. Treading water for 2-4 months doing anything that brings in money is the right choice.
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    Have you talked to your new employer about doing non-classified work for them until your security clearance is granted? Often times, you can spend this time getting familiar with the company, doing training and whatnot, until you are able to work on the classified stuff. Even if you're doing nothing but being a go-fer, you build up seniority at this company without going thru the hassle of finding another temporary position, which you're going to quit when things work out.
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