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Radio-Frequency Electronics by Jon B. Hagen

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    I took a course based on a draft of this book and own the 1st edition, but have only perused the 2nd edition. To me this seems like a good book for a systems engineer to learn the basics of how different components in an rf chain work. Each chapter is really short - about 1 lecture worth of material for most, so each topic gets a quick look. However, in my opinion this book does not contain enough details and examples to really teach how to design rf circuits. Since I am basically a systems engineer this book is useful, but I must say that while taking the course I did NOT find the book to be as helpful as it could be. I think my background in analog electronics was insufficient (3 relevant courses: intro circuits, intro analog electronics, microwave engineering that only covered passive devices) , so I needed more hand-holding than the book provides.

    The new edition adds some important topics, like a chapter on S parameters.

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