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Random combination of letter generator

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    Does anyone know where I can go to figure out how to generate a random 3-4 letter sequence BUT with every click that sequence is stored in an array and can not come up again?
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    Do you have access to a programming language (Java, C, Pascal, etc...) with a prefined random function? Then, it should be no problem to translate a random number between 0 and 1 to a 3 or 4-letter sequence. Then, save all your sequences in a vector, and for every newly generated sequence, check if it is already in the vector, and generate a new one if it is so.
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    Hello Erland,

    Thank you so much, I have access to matlab and visual basic. I have a moderate amount of experience with both but I am a little shakey on forming a vector and having the loop read from that vector. I know visual basic has a "randomize timer" function. Not sure about matlab. With Visual basic I can create buttons to display a new combination each time. So actually it would not even be a loop because I would want it initiated from a button click rather than automaticly. Of course another method might be to display all the possible combinations at one time and I could just scour through them.

    It might be better to produce an exhuastive list of all possible letter combinations for 3 or 4 charachters.
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