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Rank mismatch in argument (Fortran 90)

  1. Mar 28, 2013 #1
    Hello everyone, i am dealing with the code which can help me to solve fluid dynamics problems with using LBM methods. Anyways, since i am beginner on Fortran i couldn't solve the rank mismatch error, i think it is easy one but i just cant fix it, i am waiting for your help. Here is the problem part;

    subroutine collesion(u,v,f,feq,rho,omega,w,cx,cy,n,m,tm,tminv,stmiv)
    real f(0:8,0:n,0:m)
    real feq(0:8,0:n,0:m),rho(0:n,0:m)
    real w(0:8), cx(0:8),cy(0:8)
    real u(0:n,0:m), v(0:n,0:m)
    real tm(0:8,0:8),tminv(0:8,0:8),stmiv(0:8,0:8)
    real fmom(0:8,0:n,0:m),fmeq(0:8,0:n,0:m)
    !calculate equilibrium moments
    do i=0,n
    do j=0,m
    end do
    end do

    the error is Warning: Rank mismatch in argument 'rho' at (1) (rank-2 and scalar)

    i guess it's because fmeq and rho have different ranks but how i can write in a proper way?

    Thank you for now.
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    I would check elsewhere in the program where the subroutine collesion is called. It is possible that the variable 'rho' has not been declared with the proper dimensions in other parts of the program. The error message suggests that there is a mismatch in the dimensions of the arguments between calling the routine collesion and the dimensions of rho in the subroutine itself.
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    i checked the code rho has same dimensions everywhere and also i am receiving 'segmentation fault-invalid memory reference' error on simply fortran then it shows the line 11 above (fmeq(0,i,j)=rho(i,j)). And when i try to run on microsoft developer studio it says 'wrong number of arguments to procedure COLLESION invoked from main: 13 found, 14 expected' without showing any lines. Do you have any idea about that? thank you for your help.
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    Asking for help like this without posting the entire program can lead to a lot of speculation and a waste of time.

    Either post the entire program or a minimal one that still shows the problem...then, again, when one does the step of going to a minimal program often the problem is found.
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    By the way, I noticed that omega, n, and m do not seem to have been declared in your subroutine...this leads me to believe that you do NOT have an IMPLICIT NONE statement in your program...which opens the door for a lot of things.
  7. Mar 29, 2013 #6
    i tried with IMPLICIT NONE but it had same problem again. Considering what you said, i added the code as an attachment. So, the best way is if you run the code with your own compiler, you will see the what is an error. I would be pleased if you can check the code that i uploaded. Thanks.

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    No need to compile...the problem is very clear, just compare the signature of the subroutine as declared (order and quantity of arguments) and see how you are calling it:

    Code (Text):

    call collesion(u,v,feq,rho,omega,w,cx,cy,n,m,tm,tminv,stmiv)
    subroutine collesion(u,v,f,feq,rho,omega,w,cx,cy,n,m,tm,tminv,stmiv)
    Notice anything?
  9. Mar 30, 2013 #8
    yea, i noticed :), it is working now, thanks a lot.
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