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Rankine Cycle with Reheat+Regen

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    Hello, I'm working on designing a rankine cycle steam power plant for a class and am trying to incorporate both reheat and a direct contact feedwater heater for regen. I've attempted to read up on this online but beyond some basic information it's hard to find anything. My question is should I bleed the high pressure or the low pressure turbine for the FWH, or if it depends, what does it depend on? I hope this wasn't too dumb of a question, and thanks for your time.
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    Diagrams in my notes tend to all show steam being bled from the L.P turbines at the end - they don't explain why this is, unfortunately.

    Easy answer, it probably doesn't matter. You're taking x amount of heat out of the cycle at the turbine stage, and putting it back in to the feed heaters either way so I can't see the results verying. The only thing I can see it depending on is the efficiencies of the turbines.
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