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Partial Expansion in high pressure Turbine in a Reheat Rankine cycle

  1. Aug 19, 2014 #1
    Please help me with this,

    In Reheat Rankine cycle, we first Expand the steam partially in a high pressure turbine and then reheat it again .

    How is this partial expansion in high pressure turbine done ? in the sense, what is the procedure followed to have only partial expansion of steam in high pressure turbine ?

    Thank you :)
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    It is expanded in the high pressure turbine to an intermediate pressure, then passed back to the boiler where it is reheated at constant pressure, then expanded in the low pressure turbine. I would guess the 'procedure' to only have partial expansion is really related to the design of the turbine.
    An axial flow turbine will have a pressure gradient from inlet to outlet, so could replace it with two turbines.
    You could have one turbine that expands from P1 to P3, but at some point in that process the pressure is P2, so one could conceive of effectively replacing the single (P1 to P3) turbine with one that is that first stage to (P1 to P2) and another which is the equivalent of the latter, P2 to P3.
    Not sure if this helps

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