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Homework Help: Rate of Glucose uptake by yeast cells

  1. Mar 15, 2008 #1
    You are required to plan an investigation to find out the rate of glucose uptake by yeast cells varies with glucose concentration

    material resources
    - 10% glucose solution
    - disilled water
    -yeast suspension
    - Benedicts reagent
    I have done the introduction, apparatus required, but im unsure on what quanitity i should use to make various glucose concentrations and i don;t know how to go about with the method :/
    I was wondering if u guys be able to help me, thanksss
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    you have to dilute the glucose solution. you start with 10%, then 5%, 1%, 0.5%. it depends on how many readings you need.

    to dilute you need to add a specific amount of water to the solution. you have to calculate that amount.
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