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Really basic, simple concept question

  1. Feb 5, 2009 #1
    it's been a while since ive taken any math based classes (all chem and bio for the last few years)... kinda embaressing but what are the rules in converting metric system s.i. units?

    i.e. with 2.7 g/cm^3 into meters

    would it be .027g/m^3 or would it be 2.7E-6 g/m^3 (cuz i know it would be the second one with volume, but since it is a denomenator here im not 100% sure)

    ... what are the general rules when converting units that aren't simply meter or grams, etc.
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    It can be tricky.
    1cm = 0.01m
    so 1cm^2 = (0.01m)^2 = 0.0001 m^2
    1/cm = 1/0.01m
    1/cm^2 = 1/0.01m^2 = 1/0.0001 m^2
    1/cm^3 = 1/0.01m^3 = 1/0.000001 m^3 = 1/10^-6 m^3 = 10^6 m^3
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