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Homework Help: Really quick differential question

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    If I am rewriting v in terms of x and t, I write it as dx/dt, but how about v^2?
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    urnt? Are you talking about Reduction of order?

    http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/AllBrowsers/3401/ReductionofOrder_files/eq0021M.gif [Broken]

    http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/AllBrowsers/3401/ReductionofOrder_files/eq0022M.gif [Broken]

    http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/AllBrowsers/3401/ReductionofOrder_files/eq0023M.gif [Broken]
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    I don't know, my prof likes to ask questions on things he doesn't teach :\

    I mean, in an equation like: F=-mv, you can rewrite it like m [(d^2 x)/(dt^2)] = -m dx/dt

    But how would you rewrite F=-m(v^2) ?
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    [tex] (v)^2 = v*v[/tex]
    [tex] (\frac{dx}{dt})^2 = \frac{dx}{dt} * \frac{dx}{dt} [/tex]

    Let's say [itex] x=t^2+t^4 [/itex] then [itex] v = \frac{dx}{dt}[/itex]. So we then have [itex] F = mv^2 = m \times \frac{dx}{dt} \frac{dx}{dt} = 2t+4t^3 \times 2t+4t^3[/itex]

    assuming F = mv
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    Okay, thanks a lot!
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