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Really simple Question Just want to see if I'm applying correctly

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    Say an object of

    mass = 3kg

    moves down an INCLINE of a

    distance = 0.4 m
    In a time = .25 sec

    What is the NET Force acting on the object?

    I think I'm going about this with the right equations and what not...but I want to make sure....

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    Well first you have to calculate the acceleration then apply to Newton's second law F=ma.
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    Andrew Mason

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    What is the speed at time t=0? Is it at rest?

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    Assuming it starts at rest and assuming it's uniform acceleration, the acceleration would be obtained from the equation x = x0 + vt + 0.5a*t^2 (apologies, I don't know the board code for making pretty equations just yet, this is my first post). Then, as Kurdt said, you can use F = ma to work out the net force on the object. :smile:
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    Where's your working then?

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